Wednesday, June 24, 2009

warning: giant uterus ahead.

So this post will be short & sweet, because I need to cuddle with my boyfriend as intensely as this girl is cuddling with her best friend...
unusual cuddle sesh!

Pretty cool huh. You can find this huge uterus pillow (titled "Utera Maxima", haha) HERE in VulvaLoveLovely's Etsy shop, where you will find all things related to lady town. It's a pretty silly little shop she's got going on over there. If you know what vaginas look like, & you're ok with it, click here. HAHA. Made you look. That detail is amazing though, right? And the hidden pocket? Genius.

I digress. I need to head off to bed now, because my baby man & puppies have been going to bed way before me, & I feel a little neglectful. GOODNIGHT LOVELIES. Way more sillyness tomorrow! :)


PS-My workout tonight...5.90 miles on the eliptical; 532 calories burned. YAY! :)


Anonymous said...

LOL! It took me awhile to figure what it was!

Love your blog!

Lace said...

Well...that's weird! Haha

Encounter with a stranger:
Stranger: And what is it you do for a living?
Vulvalove: I make Poon accessories and home decor.