Friday, January 30, 2009

A whole bunch of silly.

I love silly things. Here are several from my Etsy Favorites collection. Enjoy :)

Fanny Packs for Jesus Calendar.

"FannyPacks For Jesus 2009 Calendar" by goldenmuses
Calm down! This is not SACreligeous...pun intended ;) Seriously though, they take verses from the Bible, pictures of people in fanny packs, and find a relevance for the two to combine in a calendar meant for fashion conscious friends of Jesus that want to manage their year efficiently. The calendar pictures on the Etsy listing are silly and remind me of people strolling a craft fair I once visited. I heard two interesting things at said fair:
1."Oh, fiddlesticks" (said by an elderly voice in my neighboring bathroom stall...refer to the paragraph on the T.P. earrings)
2. "You look like a young Susan Sarandon". Was it a compliment? I wasn't sure. Apparently it was, because the old dude loved her.

He pities the fool.

"Mr. T Chocolate Lollipop - Eat Me Fool" by creativemuffin
He is one bad mother shut-yo-mouth. No, I'm not talkin bout Shaft! I'm referring to all that is awesome, Mr. T himself. I pity the fool that doesn't appreciate this SUCKAAAA! This has to be one of those random awesome ideas that pops into your head in the middle of the night, after you've calmed down from the peak of your seventh night terror (SNAP OUT OF IT!). This is an idea worthy of keeping post-its handy on the nightstand, just in case. As far as the shank on your kidding? Obviously not the brightest idea, seeing how you have night terrors and everything...

Poop candle!

"The Original Flaming Poo" by PamC
I am kicking myself in the face (yeah, I'm pretty talented) for not getting this for my boyfriend's birthday. I would have loved to place a pile of poop on his cake. Yes, we're a couple of "chidults" (adult children, duh) who giggle about poop. More so me in the poop department, and him in the farts. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful candle. Poop smells bad (depending on your food choices I guess; I don't want to jump to conclusions about EVERYONE), candles smell good. Well, they're supposed to smell good. Some smell like nasty old crayons or moth balls. This candle is neither 57 year old Crayola or geriatric scented; it's chocolate! In conclusion, I give the poop candle a thumbs up, or two. Three if I had the option.

Never run out again...

"Toilet Paper in your ears" by LiciaBeads
Everyone's been in this situation:
You are sitting down to make in a public stall, when, OH MY! There's no toilet paper! What to do? Use your hands? Oh, heaven's no. Wear these earrings every day of your life, and you won't have to worry about being stuck in this predicament ever again. Ok in all seriousness, please don't wipe your nethers with seed beads. Especially seed beads so delicately weaved into the most interesting earrings ever. Somebody else has post-its on their nightstand don't they! ;)

Best glass ever!

"Mustache Pint Glass" by BreadandBadger
Porno, Shmorno! Staches are for everyone! Now you can drink in style. Mustaches are both elegant & sexually appealing. Most men can grow them, if they are real men that is, and now women & children can sport a handsome stache too! When you sip from this glass, it will appear as though you have a full grown hair monster cuddling your upper lip! Oh, the gasps and awe of passers by, as they witness a mustache appear and disappear with ease! "IT'S DAVID BLANE!" they'll shout. No, sweet's the magic of meticulously placed glass etching. I just so happened to purchase this glass for my mustache-loving boyfriend, and it's absolutely adorable. I won't let him have a lip blanket of his own, because as much as I'd like to be dating Burt Reynolds himself, I'm not. Let's keep it real, folks. This glass is the next best thing to having a real stache. Kudos to BreadandBadger. Buy it, but if the company you keep thinks you are magical, then you have very "special" friends. If they are this impressed by you, definitely keep them for the daily self esteem boosts.

Onto equally pretty, but not so much silly...

Harper Street.

In my opinion, HarperStreet is quite an underrated Etsian. This shop offers simple yet eye catching jewelry that can be dressed up or down. You should definitely check it out!

Happy Friday!!! Have a great weekend :)


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The song "Come Sail Away" is about aliens.

Come sail away, come sail away.
Come sail away with meeeee babe.
Nautical? Radical. Yeah, I really said that.

What did you want me to say? Nautical & Radical don't rhyme, but they DO both end in ICAL, and that's pretty neat. They also correlate pretty well since the simple straight fact is that nautical stuff IS radical. Ok. Couldn't get myself to say "Nautical? Hautical!", especially in a pretty font. I am not a fan of the word "hot" being spelled in ridiculous ways. HOTT, haut, haute, hawt, etc. NOT HOT; Gross. Radical is one of the great words that the 80s gave us. Thank you, 1980s, for something worth celebrating.

Where to find the lovely sea themed goods...
1 "White Anchor V Neck" by HeroineClothing
2 "Bright Blue Octopus Graphic Grocery Tote Bag" by happyfamily
3 "Clipper ship screen printed necktie" by toybreaker
4 "tuesday morning - navigation compass necklace." by ohhellofriend
5 "Sea Monster Necklace" by theinkling
6 "Seahorse Soulmates Shadow Box" by beachchik
7 "Adventures of the Little Submarine - Illustrated Handbound Miniature Book" by Meowstro
8 "Nautical Oversized Canvas Slouch Bag" by 3Jane
9 "Blue Helmet Style Cap with Red and White Sailboats for 3-12 mos" by BabbidgePatch
10 "Capsized Photographic Print" by KyleJacobs
11 "Nautical Organic Cotton Bar Towels" by branchhandmade

As you can see, I have pretty much always had an interest in nautical themed items...
Summer 06.

I was trying to show off the anchor I embroidered on my shirt! My hair line (as well as my facial expressions/posing)is RIDICULOUS! Don't mess with your baby hairs though, won't end well. Trust me.

I plan on dressing my children in sailor outfits. Perhaps all the time if I do feel so inclined! I can see it now...
My future children will be forced to wear sailor outfits daily.

Just so you know...

Yep, EVERYTHING is on SALE, but it's only temporary! Get it, get it giiiirrrrrl. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I totally thought today was Wednesday for some reason. It's not, just so you know.

Hey, I totally just found a necklace with your nickname on it!


haha. I love these necklaces by trashydeluxe. Here I am "modeling" some for you...

I exude class.
Classy. I need a helmet.

Someone please buy me the Pervert necklace. PLEASE.
Pervert. Slutbag.

I especially love the "Pervert" one, seeing how I like to deem myself a pun-loving pervert. Not a Peeping Thomas kind of pervert (I like formal names), but more of a "haha you said wiener" kind. So, in conclusion, I'm pretty damn sure I need to own that necklace. I have extreme Paintshop Pro skills, by the way, in case you hadn't noticed but I'm sure you did because it definitely looks as though I'm wearing those necklaces for real. I'm also really good at creating run-on sentences.

prude. pole smoker. gaywad. easy.
Prude. Pole Smoker. Gaywad. Easy.
I think I'm in love.

These are just some examples of what trashydeluxe has to offer. There are other silly ones, & a couple nice ones too. They also do custom necklaces, and you can choose silver instead of gold, a longer or shorter chain, etc. I'm thinking besides pervert, I'd go for a custom "Classy Broad", "Crafty Bitch", or perhaps "Lush" or "Cheap Date" in honor & loving memory of my ol binge drinking days.

not sideburns.

Look at them purty earrins. I adore each of those three pairs. Here's where you can find them...
one "sweet cakes retro vintagey bauble earrings" by jennifermorrisbeads
two "Vintage Baby Shell Earrings" by vintagelizzy
three "Black Branches - Post Earrings" by TheIntuitiveGarden

Well, that's it for me! My eyes sting from staring at the computer screen.

Jenna :)

PS- ADDED MORE TO MY SHOP! Visit jennamichelle to check everything out!

Monday, January 26, 2009

glitter & rhinestones.

There are big pictures ahead, so enjoy this little read as you patiently wait for them to load :)

As it says up there on the top in the left column, this blog is named (among other reasons such as EVERY BLOG NAME ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH IS TAKEN!!!) for the fact that my wonderful older sister Jessica was well aware of my craftiness and insisted that I would eventually cover the world in glitter & rhinestones! Very appropriate name for my blog, I think.

Thankfully, my creativity matured. I used to do really weird stuff. I remember when I was VERY young, I would pour neon fabric paint into Dixie cups, and drop in fake flowers and seashells. When they would dry, I would cut off the bottom of the cup. What did that leave me with? A strange, obnoxious disc of CRAP that I loved for some reason. I wonder what happened to those crap discs...

I would also literally cover anything with glitter. I loved glitter. I ruined my Fisher Price kitchen dishes because I had some fascination with making fake drinks with water, glitter, glue...basically whatever random things I could get my small hands on. Water evaporates, and wet glitter turns into moldy smelling glitter that has fixed itself to the plastic. Ugly mess. I actually remember my Mom hosing off all the dishes and the little kitchenette thing because she wanted to give it to Goodwill instead of throwing it away. I think I helped, but probably not. I was a brat. But look how I turned out now! :) Didn't improve much, honestly...the kitchenette, not me! I'm AWESOME. My hands are still small by the way; I'm talking size of 8 year old kids' hands small. Yep. Baby hands here (in fact that's one of my lovely boyfriend's nicknames for me). I'm not a circus freak, ok :(

Enough rambling. I have searched Etsy for the finest in glitter & rhinestones, and that's what you will find in the next 2 collages! Enjoy.

I love glitter. Anytime I leave the Christmas section of a store, it looks like I have made out with all of the ornaments. I got glitter in my eye once at Wal-Mart. That's what I get for checking out corporate made Christmas goods. I prefer handmade goods covered in glitter instead, anyway.

oh, you know. sparkles n shit.
glittery goodness

1 "silver glitter diamond necklace" by artallnight
2 "Girls Gotta Have It Resin Ring in Pink" by strungoutandwired
3 "German Glass Glitter - Vintage Violet" by DorisDotz
4 "Sparkling Egg Shell Headband" by mixbaby
5 "Platinum Glitter Hearts" by MemrieMare
6 "Metallic Lime Green Heart Earrings" by XenaraesRoom
7 "Galaxy Gold Glitter" by BLSupplies
8 "Everyday Glamour Earrings - Golden Opal" by excely
9 "Dainty Little Sparkly Three Egg Nest" by allisonbean
10 "Deerest One Gift Set - Notebook and Card" by staceywinters
11 "Mermaid Scales Glitter" (I purchased some of her eyeshadow for my friend for Christmas, we both loved it! The free samples were beautiful too!) by HeavenlyNaturals
12 "Pink Glitter Gem and Bow Necklace" by FatallyFeminine
13 Tasty Glitter Apple necklace" by skeffiboo
14 "White Three Birds on a Wire Ring" by hreebirdsdesigns
15 "Leaf Green Glittered Needle Felted Wool Acorns" by

My Mom bought me a Be-Dazzler once. No one I have come in contact with has been bedazzled by this product. It didn't even work right. Thanks Mom, but next time just buy me rhinestones and super awesome glue! :) Even though I enjoy my jeans SANS a decal of a cat made of sparkly stones, I DO enjoy these pretty handmade things.

Bedazzlers suck, but this stuff doesn't!
Pretty sparkles!

1 "Sparkling Confetti Clay Pendant" by Analiese
2 "Hot Pink Gem Charms" by fancyfeast
3 "sky blue acrylic ring bead pendants" by PenGwynneBeads
4 "Multicolor Set" by timatibo
5 "Victoria's Garden Necklace" by raquelcastillo
6 "Vintage Crystal Clear Swarovski Rhinestone Chain" by thatsmycharm
7 "Cupcake Note Card - Blue" (I bought this card for my Mom! It's adorable) by creativeapples
8 "Jet Swarovski Rhinestone Flatback Crystals" by SupplyBakery
9 "Sparrow and Rhinestone Locket" by luxedeluxe
10 "Aquamarine Charm Necklace" by divinerose
11 "magenta and purple dangling earrings" by jennamichelle
12 "Vintage rhinestone ball button necklace" by WiredVintage
13 "Vintage Lime Flower Enamel Brooch" by SavedVintage
14 "Vintage Blue Rhinestone Charms" by acmebead
15 "Iced Heart Necklace" by FatallyFeminine


PS - my shop got that face lift I talked about in my last post!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

As you see, new things have been added, and old have been revamped!
I'm in the process of adding new things to both of my shops! Check out SavedVintage as well! :) HAPPY MONDAY FOOLS!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've been working on some new things for my shop, jennamichelle. I've also been taking a lot of new pictures of old items; my shop needs a facelift. Here's a preview of what's going to be available this week...

handmade beaded bangles.
New bangles.

handmade necklaces.
New necklaces.

handmade earrings.
New earrings.

&&&more :)

I'll be back with a new, fresh, looong post tomorrow...full of fun finds. I'm excited about my next "theme", so be sure to check back tomorrow!

Jenna :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guess I'll be raggin soon...

I am having the BIGGEST craving EVER (no I'm not prego; refer to the post title). I want to resist the urge, and I have been eating so healthy, but this craving is pulling at me. My tummy is turning in need of this craving. And it's all from a product that randomly entered my mind while I was minding my own business, driving home after buying some supplies (that I'm really excited about, by the way). This product is 99 cents and I'm holding myself back from grabbing my keys hauling ass to the nearest convenient store! What's causing me so much anguish?

Doritos, fool.

Some damn COOLER RANCH DORITOS...yes, I'm fully aware they took the "er" away but they will always be Cooler to me. Best chips in all the land.

I was wondering if I could recreate these chips at home and hopefully in a healthier manner. If not healthier, than at least I would be aware of what was IN the chips. And by the time I would have finished trying to create a chip masterpiece, whether or not I succeeded, my urge to down a whole bag would be gone. No, I haven't been toking up; I just love COOLER RANCH DORITOS!

I searched and searched and found ONE recipe! I have almost everything to make these, but something tells me wheat tortillas won't do the trick...

Homemade Doritos. Mmmm.

If you'd like to try to make your own like the ones pictured (mmmmm) go here, OR just visit Nick's blog at in general for a whole bunch of great recipes. I got sidetracked and couldn't stop browsing his site. His most recent entry is for Mashed Potato Pizza which sounds gross at first, but check out the pictures. This stuff looks amazing.

Potato Pizza!

Awwww yeahhhh. That looks so good doesn't it? Go check out his recipes & get inspired to make some wonderful food.

On a completely unrelated but equally interesting note, I love wood grain. A lot. I love wood grain being on something totally unrelated to a tree, like a purse...or even a cookie! Check these pretty little handmade items out.

wood grain pretties.

one "Elfin Clutch" by keykalou
two "Wood You Be Mine Valentine Heart Cookies" (I love Cookies! And puns!) by whippedbakeshop
three "Colorful 70s style wood grain plaque with hook" by jennamichelle
four "Forever Print in Orange" by ameliamae

AHH I'm still so hungry. And now not only do I want Doritos, but also wood grain cookies & mashed potato pizza! I'm going to go eat my salad and cry...using my tears as dressing...Actually I made an awesome salad today. Chicken, seasoned tomatoes & avocados, carrots, shallots, two kinds of lettuce...mmm. Tossed it myself ;)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here are some pretties. I have loved that mushroom for a long time, & it inspired me to think pink...

Pretty pink girlyness everywhere!

1 "Pink Mushroom"
by bornlippy
2 "Orchid Pop Necklace"
by ShopClementine
3 "Adorable 6pc Vintage Shabby Chic Tin Can Art Nursery With Baby Doll Vanity Highchair Playpen Rocking Bassinet"
from VintageBeadShop
4 "Vintage Gold Mesh Choker with Peach Cameo"
by SavedVintage
5 "Drop of Pink - CZ briolette gold chain necklace"
by ThriftyBunny
6 "Vintage Baby Size Rick Rack..Spicy Pink"
from pinkgrapefruitstyle
7 "Sweet Valentine colored bike notes"
by heatherjeany
8 "coral rose- ring"
by labellesavage


9 "Sadie...coral earrings"
by serendipity2wenty2
10 "Cupcake Note Card-- Pink"
(I bought one of these for my Mom! So pretty in person!) by creativeapples
11 "Pink Miniature Metal Bird Cage Pendant"
from charmsgalore
12 "So Sweet earrings"
by kalliART
13 "pretty gold dangling earrings with pink accents and vintage style bubbled beads"
by jennamichelle
14 "Vintage Pink Enamel Daisy Brooch"
from cravingsupplies


Sleepy pup.

That's Baxter, my little gentleman (yes, I named him that because of "Anchorman"! GREAT movie).

He's quite the adventurous pup. Goes by many different names including but not limited to Pupperton, Poopers, Pooter, Puppertononian, & Baby Dog. He enjoys cuddles, jelly beans, biting my hands, ripping apart stuffed animals, and short walks on the leash.
My first born.

Yes, he's my child. I made him. Birthed him. Gross.

Here are more wieners because it's Wednesday and wieners and Wednesday both start with Ws. What wonderful justification. Wow. Lots of W words. Ahh. I can't stop! Ok I think I'm done. Well, after the collage.

Check out these wieners!

1 "Hot Dog the Weiner Dog Print" by OrangeWillow
2 "The Prick Cushion MATURE I Have Blue Balls" (hey, it's a wiener, just not the cute kind) by abitabite
3 "SALE - Half Yard - Colorful dog Japanese fabric" by karaku
4 "Dachshund Skeledog T-shirt" by skeledog
5 "Wiener Dogs in Pink Baby Maryjane" by GraciousMay
6 "Blue Cone Dog" Pillow (reminds me of when Baxter had to wear a cone after he got fixed. hahaha) by pinkbabymouse

I have made my boyfriend love dachshunds so much that he wants another one. Poopers needs a friend. He needs someone to take little happy poops on the living room floor with, after all! Thank the Lord he doesn't really do that anymore...KNOCK ON WOOD.

Happy Wiener Wednesday!
Jenna :)

PS - New items were added to SavedVintage.
vintage goodness. What's with my silly leg pose?

vintage brooches

PPS - A bunch of items are on sale at jennamichelle.
Cute little owl necklaces!

The cute little owl necklaces are on a temporary sale! They were $11, now $9!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Holy Crap. Check these out.

So I totally forgot about these earrings because I saw them ages ago, but I rediscovered them this morning when I saw staroftheeast on the front page of Etsy. They are probably the second most exciting thing I've seen today! An elderly man with short shorts and a patriotic bandana rolled up and tied around his head taking a happy jog through my neighborhood steals the spot for #1, but alas, no picture...

The best use of shells since...ever.

You can find these AWESOME jellyfish earrings made of REAL sea urchins here in staroftheeast's shop. She has a lot more jewelry made with these urchins. I love when I see something and get inspired by it, but I can't imagine the thought process of putting these together!

Speaking of inspiration...
Beautiful frames!

Here's some decoration inspiration! OliveSomeday takes vintage frames and paints them vibrant colors, and inserts an illustration from an old children's book. This totally fits my style of taking something old and making it new. I probably like all of her blue frames so much because I happened to paint all my OLD furniture turquoise once, and it is all sitting in my craft room as we speak! Chipped, but still pretty. The first frame with the colorful leaves can be found here.

I will be back with more amazing and some perverse finds but I am going to have a VERY busy day of trips to USPS, things to make, and photos to take for jennamichelle and SavedVintage.


Friday, January 16, 2009


...Blogged for the very first time ;)
Ok, not my first time, but this is my first blog of substance. And my first blog of 2009, which I plan to update daily.

A failed attempt at getting organized...

My goal for 2009 is to stay organized. So far, it's working! And this book is helping! I saw a section of Borders I had never seen before (Paperchase) and I just couldn't help myself. The colors of everything were so damn pretty! But I digress...

Hello, my name is Jenna :)
I am behind both jennamichelle & SavedVintage Etsy shops.

I have come here to discuss all things crafty, silly, random, entrepreneurial (if that is not a word, it is NOW), pretty, sophisticatedly tacky, and AWESOME handmade finds! I hope you enjoy reading. If so, please "follow" me! If not, go away...but tell your nice friends to come visit! haha.

Well let's start off...

I hearted these rings MONTHS ago, and I still think they're amazing...although there's only one left now! I understand why!

Cutest ring EVERRRRR!

It can be found here by beadkeepers.

This ring looks so intricate and beautiful; like there could really be REAL tiny tree inside. Maybe there's a tiny leprechan inside that tiny tree...

Now for some silly finds. There are quite a few silly little bitches on Etsy!

I was sad to see that the following item, which may hurt virgin little eyes, was SOLD just yesterday!

Dino peen.

You can find pictures of this gem right here if you're curious to see what it looks like without my approving face and enthusiastic thumbs up! Snew also has a plaque of your bottom parts but I don't really want to put my face on that. At least not until I down an assload of vodka. hahaha. She does make things that are very cute and not vulgar also though!

And last for this post, but certainly not least...


BOOYA, GRANDMA. I think this print by Dan Jackson is absolutely hilarious. He has a bunch of clever prints up in his shop!

Well, I am off to make my adorable boyfriend some lunch and play with my adorable puppy, Baxter!

Baxter my wiener pup!

Jenna :)

PS- Nice to meet you!