Saturday, June 27, 2009

Packed with pretties & sillies.

I'm so wooooood.
I'm so wooooood.

I love wood grain. I think the whole style of wood grain prints became really popular again several years ago (if I remember accurately, if not then I sound like a big idiot), & since then it has really had quite some staying power. For me personally, I can't get enough of it. Those cute little Etsy finds remind me of a project that has been written down in one of my gajillion brainstorming notebooks & has been stuck in my mind ever since. Now I am reminded of this lovely little project (that I hope turns out just as great as I imagine in my head! Don't you hate it when that DOESN'T happen?! AHH). I have the weekend off, so it's definitely CRAFT TIME.

Here's where to find those wood inspired goods...

1 "Pile o Wood" by Geninne
2 "MAGNETIC Inspiration Memo Board Faux Bois in Magenta and Green" by shabbyvintagemom
3 "The Friendly Log (mini)" by TheMakers

Since I can't talk about wood that much without giggling a lot, here are some other things that make me giggle. Tons.

Not your average coloring book.
"MATURE - The Man Candy Coloring Book - Adults Only" by interrobang

This coloring book is funny on its own, because of the concept alone. Then you have to think about the fact that real men actually make these dumb poses for photos. Granted, these are a little better than the spread eagle route some ladies choose to travel, but still. Grown men posin nekked. It's a silly thought, isn't it?! When I was a child, I loved coloring. I still do, but now I am an adult (do I HAVE to be one, already?! I'm only 23 and a half!). And now, being an adult, it's only right for me to grow up & get an adult coloring book. These are the necessary steps we have to take in life in order to grow up. And grow up I shall. Now, where are my crayolas & safety scissors? I'ma make my mom some pwetty awt fow the fwidge.

Monkies & pooh.
"monkeys (letterpress print)"> by johnhilljr

Umm...I totally don't get this, & that's awesome. Monkies flinging pooh? HA! Saggy utters & what appear to be body scabs? SOLD! The style of this print reminds me of Garbage Pail Kids. Remember those? The monkey on the left looks worried..."Oh, it's falling out, let me catch it for you..." haha. I love this. I would totally hang it up in my house. Geeze, check me out, with my love of anything poop related.

Congrats on your pregnancy...
"Slut Pregnant Card" by goatcards

Ok, this just makes me laugh. I just know my friends so well, & they're the kind of people who would get great joy in receiving this along with their baby shower gift. If I was having a litter, I'd love to get this card from a loving chum! Remember that folks. :) If you ARE offended in any way, remember this is something you give to a loved one as a joke because it's unexpected, & you know what they had to do to get that baby in the first place. JUMP ON IT ;) This is NOT a card you give to someone you dislike (unless they're a complete bitch, then go ahead), someone who is having a particularly rough time & extremely emotional pregnancy, or a stranger on the street. You don't know their situation. Don't judge, holmes. Now that that's clear, we can move on...goatcards also had a fabulous card that stated something along the lines of "Congratulations on your wedding...Thanks for the free booze", which would have been TOTALLY appropriate for my friend Laura's wedding. I'm sorry dear. I'm glad I didn't do anything ridiculous though! Even if I had, there were enough drunk people there, that my shenanigans would've gone unnoticed. The best man passed out sitting up, so I think I'm golden over here.

Speaking of saucin it up, that was one of the last times I drank. I haven't had a sip of alcohol all of 2009! Wow; it's going by so fast. We're already half way through with this year. Very weird to think about actually. I wish I had enough time to get all of the things accomplished that I intended to for this year. I guess I still have 6 months, huh...

Have a great weekend homies & homettes,
Jenna Michelle :)


Kristen said...

Thanks for including my Board!
I'm crazy about Woodgrain too♥ I think I NEED those pillows :) They're SO cool!

ej said...

Love all these suggestions! AND i love your shop!! so cute!!!