Monday, June 22, 2009

Look at the pretty colors!

I feel sick. I ate WAY too much granola. Boo on that. Also, boo on the gym tonight. I made the mistake of going when it was PACKED & there were ZERO vacant eliptical machines. There is a sign that clearly states, "There is a 20 minute limit on all cardio equipment when people are waiting." So basically, "If we're PACKED, get your ass off the eliptical after 20 mins, holmes." Clearly, people can't read, or don't care. Jerks. Moving on. I got on the bike for 5 miles & left. I was annoyed. I'm not a fan of running on the treadmill. I have a fear that I will slip & hit my face. Or lose my footing. Either would be funny if it happened to someone else, but I don't like it when my face hurts, ok?

I did, however, get something accomplished today. I listed 2 new housewares that I love on Etsy. I showed a peek of them in a post a couple days ago, but I really like this picture of them together, so I shall show you again...

New Housewares!
Check out my shop :)

I love the turquoise with my purple orchids too. That is my absolute FAVORITE flower. Ever. It's beautiful. I love that color combo so much, I made a collage! Go figure, right? I love these things...

Purple & bluuuue!

1 "Large Pink Cobalto Calcite Druzy and 14k Gold Cocktail Ring" by BloomStudios
2 "Vintage Handmade Blue Bird" by SweetLoveVintage
3 "Intimacy - 8x8 Original Fine Art Photo" by bomobob
four "one Very Dapper Gentleman in AQUA BLUE" by aimeesarmoire
five "Ornate Purple Mirror" by soZealous
six "One Color Semi-Chaotic Ring" by KnottyByNature
7 "Shooting Star 8 x 8 Print" by CassiaBeck
8 "Bunny Holder" by MaryBethsArt
9 "Vintage Purple Deer Salt N Pepper Shakers" by CrankHeartPony
ten "Amazonite and ocean Sky Necklace" by lilyja
eleven "Cup ring with enamel" by thalassajewelry
twelve "Grenadine" by jennreese7

Aren't those some pretty little sights? Of course they are, because I wouldn't blog about anything ugly! Except for that scrape on my leg; that wasn't so pretty. Speaking of pretty, I need my beauty rest. I have to work in the morning, & it's 1am now!

Guten Nacht,


lilyja said...

I love this combination of colors! it is gorgeous!! thank you Jenna for having my necklace here:)))

Cassia said...

Those colours go so well together!
Thank you for including "Shooting Star" :)

Felix and Jayne said...

great collage! i love all the aqua colored pretty!

Anonymous said...

haha I'm with you on the whole gym situashe. I go to a small, free, gym and unless I'm only in there with like 3 other people I get all anxiety-ridden and pissed off and just leave. then end up walking the dog outside and wonder why I even went to the smelly crowded gym in the first place. also, pretty pretty collage I wanna learn how to make those. I guess people usually use flickr mosaic maker? hm.

Mika said...

great post. Mika (