Monday, September 8, 2014


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Treasures from Holy Land's Treasures

If you read my recent post about pregnancy skin problems, or you've ever been blessed with a bump, then you know it's important to be able to feel beautiful in your expanding skin. That's why I was SO excited to receive this gorgeous blue opal nose ring similar to this one I posted in this Etsy wedding inspiration post.

I can't remember the last time I took a selfie, so as you can see, I really must love my new piece of jewelry. Shuli & Uzi of Holy Land's Treasures were so sweet to create this stunning piece for me. Their constant communication is just a small part of their excellent customer service. The jewelry came in an adorable glittery box, with a detailed list of how to care for my jewelry, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, & even a piece of candy. Their jewelry is all hand crafted with bright, shiny metals & precious stones, at extremely fair prices. I urge you to check out their Etsy shop! Here is a little sneak peek of what you can expect to find there.

Thank you for making me feel lovely, all the way from Israel!
xoxo, Jenna :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

WIP it good.

via my Instagram: thebeadsmiths

I created these pendants a while ago, & recently added ornate chains to these beauties! Coming soon to the shop!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pregnancy Problems : Adult Acne. It's Thrilling.

"You're glowing!" "No. I'm wearing bronzer." I have said this many a times. Hormones have given me some pretty sweet pimples to brag about. Psh. Seriously, my neck makes me so self conscious. I wish I had "that pregnancy glow". I have to pile on makeup to make myself look & feel better, which in turn contributes to more break outs, which requires more makeup to cover them up. Vicious cycle. What sucks a big one is that you have to be careful what you apply on your body while pregnant, because many products could potentially harm the tiny human friend in your uterus. I haven't completely tamed my prego skin problems & I am no expert...BUT it has gotten better with a few tweaks to my "beauty routine" based on experimentation, friendly advice, & internet research.

L'OREAL true match mineral powder & Physicians Formula Powder or Bronzer

L'OREAL minerals...the bareMinerals for a baller on a budget with a baby on the way. I have currently given up on using concealer or foundation, & just focus on using this powder when necessary. While it doesn't give the BEST coverage in all the land, it works pretty damn well & doesn't seem to lead to additional break outs. I still need to add some color to my face, & Physicians Formula products are pretty safe for sensitive skin.

Colgate Toothpaste

As almost everyone & their mom knows, toothpaste it great for spot treatment on zits. Leaving it on overnight will help dry out & shrink your lovely lady lumps. Check it out. Just don't forget it's on your face/neck/chest & answer your front door. You will get a strange look from the FedEx lady. She will perhaps think you attended a great frat party the previous evening. Even if you are pregnant, I guess.

Witch Hazel

Since salicylic acid is a NO NO, witch hazel is a great alternative to use as a toner. It's also good for bulging butt veins (AKA hemorrhoids), a common romantical itchy side effect of pregnancy poops.

Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, 100% Tea Tree Oil, & Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick

We've all read & heard all about the wonders of coconut oil. Put it in your hair, on your face, in your mouth, on your butt. Whatever you want. The world is your oyster & coconut oil is your gorgeous pearl. I never thought I would be one to try oil pulling, but I am now a fan. I try to swoosh the oil around for about 20 mins before spitting it out in the trash can (DO NOT CLOG YOUR DRAIN!). I know spitters are quitters, but I will admit that I have gagged a few times or had to spit it out early. I feel like my teeth are noticeably whiter (in my opinion), & there are also supposedly some other cool perks, but since this post is about vanity, that's all I'll mention.
Let's get back to the ultra sexy topic of adult acne, shall we? We shall. My wonderful friend Michelle recommended using tea tree oil in moderation to treat my skin. I used tea tree oil & coconut oil as a sort of sweaty looking grease mask/makeup remover every night for over a week straight & definitely noticed that my skin improved. My boyfriend told me that I smell like turpentine in the process, but I didn't ask him so I do not care. I dabbed tea tree oil on my face, neck, & chest, then rubbed in coconut oil. I left it on for about 15-20 mins & scrubbed it lightly with a wet washcloth. I followed with witch hazel, & this tea tree oil blemish touch stick. It is safe enough to be used 5-6 times a day, & it works great! I have done this routine since, but not on the daily. I imagine if I am consistent, I will either attain that "glow" I want, or just be a big ol grease ball. Either way. Now for some experiments...

Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Sea Salt, & Brown Sugar Scrub

This is pretty self explanatory. I mixed these ingredients (only a couple drops of the tea tree oil) until it was the consistency of...a scrub? haha. I used it in the shower & actually had to get out to grab more sea salt because the scrub felt too greasy. I'm nervous that maybe I went a little overboard & let too much go down the drain, & I did clog my razor because I decided to exfoliate my pits with this scrub. While I have felt soft & smooth all day, I obviously do not know what kind of effect it will or would end up having on pimples. I used this stuff on every inch of my skin. Seriously. I do plan on trying it again, but need to dilute it with something so that I do not feel that I am simply slathering myself in Crisco. I shall report back when I have a stronger opinion on this scrub trial.

Baking Soda Mask

Baking Soda is another crazy useful product. I mixed it with water to make a paste, the same way that you would if you were to use it as a teeth whitener. I scrubbed this all over my face, neck, & chest. It burned, but in a good way. Hurts so good. I left it on long enough for it to completely dry (about 15 minutes), & then rinsed off & patted my skin dry. I read that this can really dry out your skin & that you want to use an oil free moisturizer afterward. Tonight was the first time that I have done this, & I have to say that I feel good about it. I'd do it maybe every other day, unless it irritated my skin.

Tip: Wash hair on the daily.

I read this over & over about my hormonal acne...wash hair every day to avoid dirty, greasy hair causing blemishes by touching your skin. Having naturally thin hair, it gets greasy fast anyway. So I SHOULDN'T wash it every day typically, because then it will become overly dry & my scalp will produce even more oil, resulting in even greasier hair. BLEH. However, I have decided to give this a go during pregnancy/until my skin problems are alleviated. Whichever happens first. Seeing how I am due in 4 weeks, I am guessing it will be the latter. Everything is magical lately, so I have included Head & Shoulders in the photo because pregnancy has also blessed me with some attractive dandruff. WOOHOO! I've used a dollop of it along with my regular shampooing routine for almost my entire pregnancy & haven't noticed any more flakes. That's a good thing, since that's what this product is supposed to do. Go H&S, doing your job n sheeit.

Honey Masks

The same wonderful Michelle who recommended the tea tree oil has also shared with me this fine chart of honey masks. I am excited to try several of these, especially the apple or tea tree oil versions. Of course, I will review my experiences on this here interweb journal. This blog also has great ideas for foods to use as part of your skin care routine. It's actually what inspired me to add sea salt & brown sugar to coconut oil today.

I look forward to finding some kind of miracle cure for this hormonal acne dilemma, but life isn't all unicorns & glitter farts. If you have any natural, safe remedies for skin problems, send them my way! Thanks, fools.
xoxo, Jenna :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


So apparently National Dog Day is a thing. I had no idea. Being the mother of two naturally beautiful wiener pups (one is a dachshund mix of some kind, but whatever), I have decided that this adorable holiday will be celebrated in the most obvious way: FLOODING THIS POST WITH PHOTOS. Wiener photos. So my last post was entitled BALLS. If you are offended by the direction of my post titles, just forget about it & LOOK AT THESE DOGS, YO.

Baxter & Layla.

Baxter was rescued in 2008, at the tender age of one year old. HE CAME FROM THE STREETS. This dog is hard. Not in a red rocket fashion, thankfully. He was super skinny & we nursed him to the plump state he is in today. Baxter enjoys cuddling, his sister, cuddling his sister, squirrels, attention, his mom, & dog bones. He is a resilient pup that overcame paralysis of half of his body due to calcified discs on his spine, & a surgery to remove NINE kidney stones. AND YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE TOUGH. He is a needy, stinky little sweetie pooh, though. I love him.

Layla was rescued from a shelter in 2009. Just a shy little baby at 6 months old, but so sweet & friendly. Layla enjoys cuddling, her brother, cuddling her brother, squirrels, attention, her mom, & dog bones. She is also a resilient pup, having survived a SUPER traumatic collar entanglement with a friend's dog. Seriously, the worst night of our dog-mom lives. Dogs choking, bleeding, fear-pooping & was terrible. This may be why Layla is quite jumpy. I'd say she is a good mix of fearless & jumpy, if there is such a thing. She has the softest fur & the stinkiest breath. I love her.

Thank you for learning about my fur babies. Pretty soon (in approximately 5 weeks) you will be enjoying &/or annoyed with pictures of my REAL baby. All over this here place. GET IT, GIRRRRRL.
xoxo, Jenna

Monday, August 25, 2014


Oh, you know. Just paintin balls n stuff. Work in progress.


Friday, August 22, 2014

it's all Black, White, & Gold, baby: part three

It all started with discovering Carter's Black & White Collection, with little touches of gold. I fell in love. So in love, in fact, that what should've been one post turned into three. Part one & Part two. I looked to Pinterest for some Pinspiration...WHAT A PUN. WORDMASTER. MASTER OF WORDS.

giraffe // cloud via babble

tiger // zebra (link does not exist)

polka dots // stripes via the boo & the boy

transitional // triangles

There is something so clean looking about crisp white with black details. There is also something about white that is terrifying...just begging to be stained by baby fluids & messes. Oh, well. I will not let fear run my household or my life, homeslice. I digress. What to do after finding baby room Pinspiration? Go shopping for baby room decor, of course. Wall accessories, blankets, & some plush toys...

one: obligatory tassel garland
2: heart print
3: triangle decals
four: decorative lighting
5: cloud mobile
6: bowl for pacifiers or little bows
seven: wishbone for good luck

1: triangle quilt
2: swiss crosses blanket
three: chevron blanket
4: arrows & crosses blanket
five: glitter hearts blanket
6: crosses & stripes quilt
7: metallic polka dots blanket
8: white arrows crib sheets
nine: geometric blanket

1: soft spikes
2: chevron elephant
3: polka dot ball
4: plush raccoon
5: aztec rattle
6: bunny ears teething toy

That's gotta be all she wrote for today, folks. The rest of my day shall be filled with eating tacos (SIMPLE, AWESOME RECIPE COMING SOON!), washing tiny baby clothes, & watching FLIPPING OUT with Jeff Lewis because every season is on Hulu. BOOYA.

"Jenny's wearing these outfits now, that look like they're painted was ridiculous. I mean, I could see her ovaries in that jumpsuit." - Jeff Lewis. Love this crazy a-hole.

xoxo, Jenna :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Pieces of my life, via Instagram...Business: thebeadsmiths Personal: stinkyfinke
arm party

good hair day

damn, it feels good to be a gangster

cute packaging & free gift with every purchase

xoxo, Jenna

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Less is More: NEON

As fun as it was getting carried away with my black, white, & gold baby thangs, I decided it was time to break up those posts with a little bit of color. I'll be back with more cute Etsy finds in the baby department & some Pinterest inspiration. Pinspiration, if you will. For now, Less is More: NEON. Being a frugal lady, I can't condone spending an arm & a leg on even the most beautiful items. I enjoy cheaper alternatives, especially on trendy pieces. Here are some bombs of bright color to dazzle your eyeballs in the form of splurges & steals.

$168 handbag // $26 handbag // $56 bodycon dress // $34 bodycon dress

$595 heels // $100 heels // $136 wallet // $7 wallet

$99 dress shoes // $56 dress shoes // $85 tie // $8 tie

$32 dress socks // $10 dress socks // $42 bow tie // $5 bow tie

THE COLORS! How magical. I don't care if no one is reading this & I appear to be a crazy person talking to myself. I'm used to that feeling. I am enjoying blogging again. If you're out there...leave a comment. LET'S BE FRIENDS & STUFF. ASL?
xoxo, Jenna
PS- PSSST I make neon stuff all the time & it is on the frugal side as well. See?