Sunday, June 28, 2009

WARNING: Very picture heavy!

Today was a relaxing yet exciting day. I have a lot of photos to share with you because of that, so be patient! First off, I finally finished my mini update...
Just listed...


Now that that's out of the way, I have something important to tell you. My oldest nephew, my little baby nephew Ethan, turned 14 today. Let me say that again, f o u r t e e n . I told him he's gross. 14 year old boys are gross. Haha. He knows I love him so much. That's so very strange to me. I'm 10 years older than him (I'll be 24 in October), so I made sure he knew how "old" he made me feel today. No, I don't think I'm old, but it feels so strange to me to think I have a teenage nephew. I told him last year on his 13th bday that he was gross then too. I know; I'm such a nice aunt. Actually, I'm his favorite, & he has a lot of aunts on his Dad's & Step Mom's sides. So HA on all of them. I talked to him for a good 30 minutes, & it made me realize how much I really miss him. He lives in Missouri & I'm in Texas. Doing grown up things makes it harder & harder to travel with my family, so I haven't seen him since 2007 :( That makes me so sad. I will see him in August though, along with the rest of my family. I'm excited! I taught Ethan about all of the important things in life, like poop, farts, & that I'm the prettiest girl in the world. He better remember all of that. I feel the need to post some pictures of my nephews now, so I shall indeed...


a Photos in my bedroom of the first time I held Ethan (1995) & Louis (2000). b Holding those beautiful boys again, back in 2003, when I had jowls. & awful hair. c Being silly the summer of 2005. I know; my tongue is ridiculous man! d Summer of 05 again. My nephew is adorable, & I don't know why he looks like a turtle in the photo.

I love my nephews.

e & f Christmas 2005, with Ethan, then Louis. I discovered the brightness & contrast feature on Paint Shop Pro around the end of 05. Can you tell?

I love my nephews.

g Fighting like gangsters; Christmas 05. h My nephews were cute Christmas of 2006, but my toupee hair was NOT. i & j I guess Christmas of 2007 is when they decided taking pictures with me wasn't cool anymore :( haha. I LOVE THESE BOYS! I love their Mom just as much. I'm praying for her. She's going to be going through something tough the next few days, so even though you don't know her whatsoever, it would be nice if she could be in your thoughts, at least a little bit.

Guess who else celebrated a birthday today? My good ol baby dog Baxter turned TWO! That's fourteen in dog years, so Ethan & Baxter celebrated the same birthday together...but apart...and they've never met...neat? I don't know. Anyway, we went to the Arboretum & took the puppies for an hour long walk. It was HOT but they loved it. The squirrels drove them nuts. I took some lovely photos...

A walk through the Arboretum...
Baxter's 2nd Bday!

This totally happened.

Trees and sunlight.
Pretty plants.
Pretty plants.
Pretty plants.
Baxter's 2nd Bday!

I don't know what kind of plants those were up there...but they are damn pretty, aren't they? I know, I know. Wonderful. You know what's NOT wonderful? The fact that I was on such a good roll with going to the gym...then I didn't go for 3 days. I felt so guilty! Two of those days I thought the gym closed later than it did. Who closes at 10 on Fri & 8 on Sat??? LA Fitness, apparently. Oh well. I went back tonight just in time to run for 45 mins. I ran 4.11 miles & burned 458 calories. I know I can do better, so I wasn't TOO impressed with myself, but it was way more worthwhile than not going at all! Then, when I came home in an awesome mood, made an awesome smoothie (I'm telling you people, you need to add Medjool dates! AWESOME!), checked my awesome email, I saw I had an awesome message from an awesome Etsian! My friend Amy from SparkleRocks told me that I was on the front page again! AWESOME. I will stop saying that now; promise. It's been a long time since I've been on there, & sales have been slooow, so I was excited. I checked Etsy & I happened to be on at that moment!

Front page! June 28.

Then, I sold my little deer dish! I was happy yet sad at the same time, because I love it so much. It was inspired by my puppy Baxter, so how appropriate that it was featured & sold on his bday! Right? I know. Neatooo. The buyer was also a sweet mama named Alexis who happened to feature me on her blog, The Posh Passy.
THANK YOU, ALEXIS! Her blog is adorable, so make sure you check it out!

That's all for tonight, folks.
Jenna :)

PS-I LOVE YOU BIG SEESTER. You are in my thoughts, always. I wish the best comes out of this shituation.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Packed with pretties & sillies.

I'm so wooooood.
I'm so wooooood.

I love wood grain. I think the whole style of wood grain prints became really popular again several years ago (if I remember accurately, if not then I sound like a big idiot), & since then it has really had quite some staying power. For me personally, I can't get enough of it. Those cute little Etsy finds remind me of a project that has been written down in one of my gajillion brainstorming notebooks & has been stuck in my mind ever since. Now I am reminded of this lovely little project (that I hope turns out just as great as I imagine in my head! Don't you hate it when that DOESN'T happen?! AHH). I have the weekend off, so it's definitely CRAFT TIME.

Here's where to find those wood inspired goods...

1 "Pile o Wood" by Geninne
2 "MAGNETIC Inspiration Memo Board Faux Bois in Magenta and Green" by shabbyvintagemom
3 "The Friendly Log (mini)" by TheMakers

Since I can't talk about wood that much without giggling a lot, here are some other things that make me giggle. Tons.

Not your average coloring book.
"MATURE - The Man Candy Coloring Book - Adults Only" by interrobang

This coloring book is funny on its own, because of the concept alone. Then you have to think about the fact that real men actually make these dumb poses for photos. Granted, these are a little better than the spread eagle route some ladies choose to travel, but still. Grown men posin nekked. It's a silly thought, isn't it?! When I was a child, I loved coloring. I still do, but now I am an adult (do I HAVE to be one, already?! I'm only 23 and a half!). And now, being an adult, it's only right for me to grow up & get an adult coloring book. These are the necessary steps we have to take in life in order to grow up. And grow up I shall. Now, where are my crayolas & safety scissors? I'ma make my mom some pwetty awt fow the fwidge.

Monkies & pooh.
"monkeys (letterpress print)"> by johnhilljr

Umm...I totally don't get this, & that's awesome. Monkies flinging pooh? HA! Saggy utters & what appear to be body scabs? SOLD! The style of this print reminds me of Garbage Pail Kids. Remember those? The monkey on the left looks worried..."Oh, it's falling out, let me catch it for you..." haha. I love this. I would totally hang it up in my house. Geeze, check me out, with my love of anything poop related.

Congrats on your pregnancy...
"Slut Pregnant Card" by goatcards

Ok, this just makes me laugh. I just know my friends so well, & they're the kind of people who would get great joy in receiving this along with their baby shower gift. If I was having a litter, I'd love to get this card from a loving chum! Remember that folks. :) If you ARE offended in any way, remember this is something you give to a loved one as a joke because it's unexpected, & you know what they had to do to get that baby in the first place. JUMP ON IT ;) This is NOT a card you give to someone you dislike (unless they're a complete bitch, then go ahead), someone who is having a particularly rough time & extremely emotional pregnancy, or a stranger on the street. You don't know their situation. Don't judge, holmes. Now that that's clear, we can move on...goatcards also had a fabulous card that stated something along the lines of "Congratulations on your wedding...Thanks for the free booze", which would have been TOTALLY appropriate for my friend Laura's wedding. I'm sorry dear. I'm glad I didn't do anything ridiculous though! Even if I had, there were enough drunk people there, that my shenanigans would've gone unnoticed. The best man passed out sitting up, so I think I'm golden over here.

Speaking of saucin it up, that was one of the last times I drank. I haven't had a sip of alcohol all of 2009! Wow; it's going by so fast. We're already half way through with this year. Very weird to think about actually. I wish I had enough time to get all of the things accomplished that I intended to for this year. I guess I still have 6 months, huh...

Have a great weekend homies & homettes,
Jenna Michelle :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hurry up!

My new blogger friend Melisa is having a giveaway at her absolutely adorable blog Humble Happenings! Hurry up & enter (all you have to do is leave a comment!) to win the following loot...

The giveaway ends June 30th! Speaking of giveaways, I am planning on doing one in the near future! Yeeee!

Well I have a bunch of silly things I want to show you, but I am totally not feeling the sillyness right now. I know that's a big bummer but I'm sorry. I'd rather save a silly post for when I am feeling awesome & at a writing peak, you know? I don't want to half ass it & make you question even reading my blog anymore. That would be a bad scenario for everyone. AHH THE CUTEST THING IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! My puppy Layla is asleep next to me & she just put her little paw up on my arm. She loves her Mom :)

I can't leave you with 2 short & sweet posts in a row, because that's just wrong. So, please check out this fabulous felted concoction...

Pee Wee!

A Pee Wee Herman Finger Puppet! How awesome is that?! You can find it in Abbey Christine's Etsy shop. Abbey must've grown up with the greatness that is Pee Wee just as I did. I wonder if her parents taped it for her too? Oh, VHS. Back in the day. The theme song still makes me happy.

That better make you happy too, or we're not friends anymore. Ok, I lied.

Jenna :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

warning: giant uterus ahead.

So this post will be short & sweet, because I need to cuddle with my boyfriend as intensely as this girl is cuddling with her best friend...
unusual cuddle sesh!

Pretty cool huh. You can find this huge uterus pillow (titled "Utera Maxima", haha) HERE in VulvaLoveLovely's Etsy shop, where you will find all things related to lady town. It's a pretty silly little shop she's got going on over there. If you know what vaginas look like, & you're ok with it, click here. HAHA. Made you look. That detail is amazing though, right? And the hidden pocket? Genius.

I digress. I need to head off to bed now, because my baby man & puppies have been going to bed way before me, & I feel a little neglectful. GOODNIGHT LOVELIES. Way more sillyness tomorrow! :)


PS-My workout tonight...5.90 miles on the eliptical; 532 calories burned. YAY! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Smoothies are delicious.

I have been drinking smoothies EVERY day for dinner lately. I add in a couple dates & it gives the smoothie some magically delicious chewy chunks. Pretty awesome. I just enjoyed a homemade clusterhump of fruit right now, as a matter of fact. I put as many kinds of fruit as I possibly can into that blender and VOILA! Awesome dinner. I tend to get burnt out on something when I eat it all the time, however, and I think even though I love this routine I have going on, I am going to need a treat sometime in the near future. I have been eyeing desserts on The Cupcake Mint's Etsy shop for quite a while. Check these out...
MMM vegan cupcakes!

Those are my top 3 choices of what to order. They are the original vegan bake shop on Etsy, & I think their pictures are the most mouth watering too. I don't have any super sweet craving attacks yet, but I'm sure they'll creep up on me soon enough. Those really do look amazing, don't they?! I just farted with excitement. I really do think I deserve them, though, because tonight I did another good run. 5.74 miles & burned 514 calories! So proud of myself again :) I'm not bragging, I'm just documenting how good I feel right now, so I am more likely to stay motivated!

Another thing that makes me happy, besides cupcakes, is this...
I feel so special.

I was reading Lacey's blog today & I noticed I'm in her links in the sidebar. I felt so special! Yeeee! You should really check out her blog; she's absolutely adorable! She describes herself as "an unmarried, childless housewife", & I can totally relate. Except for the fact that my dogs are my "children", if you can't tell by now. This unmarried, childless housewife needs to go snuggle with her boyfriend, as cheesy as that sounds. I love heem :)

Live Long & Perspirate,

PS-I will have a much more exciting post tomorrow! This post was cut short because it's definitely bed time for this sleepy kid.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Look at the pretty colors!

I feel sick. I ate WAY too much granola. Boo on that. Also, boo on the gym tonight. I made the mistake of going when it was PACKED & there were ZERO vacant eliptical machines. There is a sign that clearly states, "There is a 20 minute limit on all cardio equipment when people are waiting." So basically, "If we're PACKED, get your ass off the eliptical after 20 mins, holmes." Clearly, people can't read, or don't care. Jerks. Moving on. I got on the bike for 5 miles & left. I was annoyed. I'm not a fan of running on the treadmill. I have a fear that I will slip & hit my face. Or lose my footing. Either would be funny if it happened to someone else, but I don't like it when my face hurts, ok?

I did, however, get something accomplished today. I listed 2 new housewares that I love on Etsy. I showed a peek of them in a post a couple days ago, but I really like this picture of them together, so I shall show you again...

New Housewares!
Check out my shop :)

I love the turquoise with my purple orchids too. That is my absolute FAVORITE flower. Ever. It's beautiful. I love that color combo so much, I made a collage! Go figure, right? I love these things...

Purple & bluuuue!

1 "Large Pink Cobalto Calcite Druzy and 14k Gold Cocktail Ring" by BloomStudios
2 "Vintage Handmade Blue Bird" by SweetLoveVintage
3 "Intimacy - 8x8 Original Fine Art Photo" by bomobob
four "one Very Dapper Gentleman in AQUA BLUE" by aimeesarmoire
five "Ornate Purple Mirror" by soZealous
six "One Color Semi-Chaotic Ring" by KnottyByNature
7 "Shooting Star 8 x 8 Print" by CassiaBeck
8 "Bunny Holder" by MaryBethsArt
9 "Vintage Purple Deer Salt N Pepper Shakers" by CrankHeartPony
ten "Amazonite and ocean Sky Necklace" by lilyja
eleven "Cup ring with enamel" by thalassajewelry
twelve "Grenadine" by jennreese7

Aren't those some pretty little sights? Of course they are, because I wouldn't blog about anything ugly! Except for that scrape on my leg; that wasn't so pretty. Speaking of pretty, I need my beauty rest. I have to work in the morning, & it's 1am now!

Guten Nacht,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fasha's Day!

Happy Father's Day Baby!

I mentioned yesterday that my boyfriend went to visit his Dad for Father's Day. Well, the puppies laid on the ground by the front door for a bit waiting for him to come back. How sad/cute is that?! I had to take pictures of them.

Waiting for their Dad to come home.

How adorable is that? Seriously. Well last night was the first night staying all by myself in this house. It was very strange. I love time to myself, but it was a little weird at night. The dogs kept barking at things & since there were a few "break ins" (technically they just walked in to unlocked houses!) in the neighborhood a couple weeks ago, it freaked me out. Not real bad style, just a little. I slept with a baseball bat next to the bed for protection. haha. You know, I figure that if I'm protected in some way then nothing will happen. No baseball bat, & I'm in danger. And Christopher always sleeps on the side of the bed closer to the door, so he would get raped first in the event of a rape attack (NO I do not think rape is a joke whatsoever, I just figure boys sleep by the door for protection & peace of mind!...piece of mind? Which is it? Oh nevermind). I just had to take precautions. Wouldn't it be cool if a burglar came in the house, & I say, "If you want to steal my shit, you have to play me a game of baseball first. If I win, you leave. If you win, take it all, buddy." Then we play & I win. I love saving the day. That sounds like a movie plot. Can baseball be a two person game? Shows what I know about sports. Good thing there WASN'T any form of burglar confrontation mixed with baseball challenges last night, huh? I would've been in trouble. I promise I did not smoke my breakfast. Good Lord I am strange.

Moving on. A few days ago when we took the dogs for a walk, a bigger dog found us & wanted to play. He was so sweet, but he was WAY too big to play with our dogs. They tried to play, but he scared them. Layla ran around & wrapped the leash around my leg. I got a gnarly rope burn near my ankle. It's red & itchy which usually means infection I think, but I keep using hydrogen peroxide on it & Neosporin. The dogs love the taste of Neosporin, by the way. They keep trying to lick it. Gross. Maybe that's why it's red & itchy?! Once Baxter ran around very excited and wrapped around my leg, leaving a deep (deep for a rope burn at least) scrape in my knee pit. You know, the back of your knee. haha. These things are kind of dangerous. Check this out...

Losing a Finger
Heather Todd lost a portion of her left index finger in a Flexi retractable leash accident in 2005. Her yellow Labrador retriever, Penny, was hooked to a friend's retractable leash when the dog became excited. The 90-pound dog bolted after something and Todd said she lost control of the handle, which caused to cord to burn her arm. When she instinctively tried to brush the cord off her arm, Todd said her finger got caught and she was pulled to the ground and dragged for four or five feet.

"I look up and there's a finger tip right in front of me," she said, adding that she was in such shock she at first thought the finger was a child's Halloween-type toy. "I didn't comprehend, 'Oh, Heather, there's your fingertip laying there in the sand.'" Found here.

Gross. Super gross. There's a caption on a picture of a girl who suffered vision loss when the leash hit her in the eye. AHH. That's awful. Poor girl. Here's my little booboo that doesn't nearly compare to vision loss.

Dog leashes are dangerous, fool.

I would like to talk about something good & not lethal now. I wanted to post this last night, but I literally fell asleep while typing. haha. You might have seen Margaux Lange's jewelry featured before a few times, & you know what? I don't care if you've seen it a MILLION times, because it's still worth mentioning. Check this stuff out. She is one incredibly talented little lady. In 6th or 7th grade I used to think that I could sell Barbie heel necklaces. I decked them out in glitter & rhinestones (go figure) and nearly killed my fingers poking holes in them to put jump rings through. I was pretty inventive at the time & I sold a couple of them at school...but Margaux really knows what she's doing. And she makes my Barbie heel necklaces look like dog poop. So we've seen Barbie's accessories repurposed, but the actual doll? Pretty cool. I just imagine handcrafting all of these perfect pieces takes some patience, man.

This stuff is awesome.

Tonight is the second & last night by myself, so maybe I'll add a tennis racket to my bedside collection. Let's see what happens.

Love your friendly neighborhood sports battle enthusiast,
Jenna :)

EDIT::: I should probably write something about my Dad since it IS his day, after all.

My silly Dad, William.

He is a witty, clever, funny funny man, a "Computer Nerd"/Genius, a complex yet simple fellow who can definitely make you giggle if not laugh out loud. There are so many times when I hear myself say something, & it solidifies the fact that he definitely lost a part of his brain & gave it to me when I arrived in this world, because that's what happens when you have kids. Didn't you know that? They take a piece of your brain. Well your sanity, I'm sure. I am definitely his child, & I love that. My brother Steve (SHTIVEN!) & I are so glad to have equal parts of both our Mom's & Dad's personalities. They are great people & I love them. But it's not "Parent's Day"; it's "Father's Day". I LOVE YOU DAD! Thank you for being the odd, silly man you are, because I wouldn't have you any other way! Thank you for the unconventional way you taught us lessons to make us remember not to do the same dumb shit over and over (even though we probably did quite a few times). Thank you for preparing me for parenthood in the future. Thank you for carrying me upstairs when I was "little", even though I was a damn heavy kid. Thank you for getting on your knees to dance with me to "Talking Heads" when I was a toddler. Thank you for capturing our AWESOME funny kid moments on video, because otherwise we just would have to guess how awesome we actually were. Thanks for being my FASHA!

Don't worry Mom; Mother's Day has come & gone but I know how wonderful you are & I know when your Birthday is! One day you will get an entire paragraph dedicated to you & your greatness. I love you!


PS-I ran again today! 5.67 miles this time; 505 calories bizzurned, holmes. SUCK ON THAT.

I am proud of myself.

Christopher is out of town visiting his Dad for Fathers Day this weekend. I didn't know what to do with myself, & I've been wanting to get in the habit of working I went to the gym.

I got my buff on today.

I don't remember when I was last at the gym exactly, but we do have memberships & we both barely ever go. He does go more than I do; I have to give him that. Anyway, I decided to just get on the eliptical and see what happened from there...I ran for an hour & ended up running almost 6 miles (5.76 to be exact) & burning 520 calories! It was so exciting! I didn't even hurt...I really don't think I have EVER run for an hour. Isn't that silly? Well I am definitely passing out now, seeing how it's 2am. More tomorrow!

Get yo buff on,

Friday, June 19, 2009

No white shoes after labor day!

Every season I think we all get stuck on a certain color trend, & sometimes it fades with the season, but other times it sticks around...Or am I just tired & don't know what's what? WHAT'S GOING ON?! AHHHH! Now that I'm done doing that, I can get down to bidniz. All this color & season talk makes me think of the movie "Serial Mom" when she kills Patty Hearst's character, who, in my opinion, went through enough in life without having her character KILLED. With a PAY PHONE.
Serial Mom.

"712 F*** YOU!" "Ooo-eee, ooo-eee" (imitating bird calls). I love when she sings "Day break" while the cop is chasing her. Ohhhhhh goodness. So many great scenes. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to see Serial Mom. It's great. Kathleen Turner is awesome in it. I love John Waters movies. How creepy is he though? Ultimate creepster for sure.

Ok, back to business for real this time. Pinky swear. I was really loving combinations of yellow & gray in the spring, which is what inspired the color block tote I created a couple of months ago (can you spot it in the collage!), & I'm still really feeling it. I think several years ago Michael Kors had a collection with some pastel yellows which I absolutely loved. I don't know; I don't really pay too much attention to things I can't afford. Here, on the other hand, are some lovely things that we all can afford!

And you were all yellllllllow.

1 "Coal - Print" by amberalexander
2 "5 x 7 - yellow buttons on gray canvas" by UglyScientist
3 "Gray and Yellow Dip Cup" by upintheairsomewhere
4 "Lemon Chiffon Notebook" by RedOtter
5 "s a l e. pastel color block tote with braided strap." by jennamichelle
6 "we drive all day, print" by gretchenmist
7 "un deux trois necklace, enameled" by enamored
8 "Yellow Birds on Gray Tiles" by LuckyBluebirdArt
9 "Egg scarf" by CresusArtisanat

You know what else is lovely? LOVE. That's right, LOVE. And I am IN IT. I am not afraid to talk about it. I used to be one of those people who thought love & all love related things were GROSS. Not for everyone else; for them it was cute. For me, nah. I recall gagging out loud to the concept of a relationship when one boy brought it up. I also once told a boy that I would throw up on him if he brought me flowers to work like he said he had wanted to do. That's rude. R U D E. I'm rude. Well, I was. I started dating Christopher, & we both took each other seriously right away. Sounds cheesy, but I "knew". I really did.

My boyfriend cries when I kiss him.

My boyfriend cries when I kiss him. haha.
I love him so much. I don't care if that's gross to you. You hear me? I DON'T CARE. We've been through a lot, & he is one of my very very best friends & favorite people. We have a million nicknames for each other, we tell each other "I love you" every 5 minutes, & we function happily as the little family unit that we are (with our puppy children). He's my beautiful baby man, & while I was on my little hiatus from blogging, we celebrated our most successful milestone yet...Our one year anniversary :)

He was double coursing at school, going almost 14 hours a day. Our one year falling on May 7, which was a school day, he would get home at almost 9pm so going out to dinner was virtually a no go unless we were counting on McDonald's, which we weren't...I don't think vegans have a lot of choices at McDonald's anyway. I got crafty with some Christmas lights, old drapes, & a makeshift table (not in the pictures), & I came up with this...

Our one year anniversary.Our one year anniversary.

A little outdoor restaurant! I made dinner (not worth mentioning...I tried my hand at some makeshift drunken noodles. Christopher liked them, but he was probably being nice) & dessert (a vegan brownie with non dairy ice cream melting on top mmm), & set up candles. I was convinced the drapes might get set on fire because it was so windy, but everything was ok. And it was pretty. I wish I got some better shots of our silly "romantic" outdoor dining experience. You get the idea though.

What else did I neglect to inform you about in May? Aha...Mother's Day! I made a dish previously that I showed my Mom & she loved, so I decided to make her a similar one, in her favorite colors.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!To my wonderful Mommy :)

I wanted her to actually use it! There are a ton of things she could use it for...
Multi purpose dish.

Instead, she wants to keep it on top of the desk in the kitchen, along with all of our other creations. Oh well, it's her present. If she wants to set it next to a shitty lighthouse I made in 8th grade, that's her thing, man. That's her dream, & I won't destroy it. Man I'm tired. haha.


I have 2 other dishes available in my shop right now! You can find them in the housewares section. The little deer was inspired by one of my puppies, Baxter (the brown one). He curls up like a little baby deer sometimes. I love my little ones. Check them out, all cuddlin n shit.

Cuddlin pups.

Don't you just want to squeeze them? In a totally cute, non violent way? I know, me too. That's all for tonight, ladies & lads.

Peace & fart grease,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Short & Sweet.

This post will have to be short & sweet because I work a double at my "real job" today. Boo! Here are a couple of shots I took of my backyard back in January when I was playing around with my new camera. I was really impressed with the macro!

Lucky shot!
Pretty flowers.

In that first shot, I didn't even notice that cute, weird bug was there until I started focusing in. Isn't that a lucky shot?! I have no idea what kind of bug it is, but he is pretty cool with his polka dotted coat & everything. I like that photo so much, I have it hanging up in my bathroom!

Now onto more important news. If there are those of you who sit & wait & count down the minutes (seconds maybe) until the treasuries open, there is something you definitely need to see...

Treasure hunt!

I've mentioned Craftopolis before as a great resource for any Etsian. You can find out what treasuries you may be featured in, among other cool things. Welllllll, they've added the "Treasure Hunt" feature. Click on that tab & you see a countdown clock for Treasury & Treasury West. Pretty cool right? I know, I know. You're welcome.

I need to get ready for work now! All day. That's poop. Oh well, it's really not that bad. I just don't like being away from my house, boyfriend, & pups all day.

Stay sweet & sassy laaaadies,
Jenna Michelle

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Redecorate, Reorganize, Rethink, ReRes!

Dr. Awesome

That's right. I have a PhD in crazy. I mean, greatness. Yes, a PhD in greatness. What makes me want to inspire you?

Well, my laptop is becoming increasingly packed to the brim. My Dad "fixed" it for me, meaning he made it a LITTLE less slow than it was. The majority of the space being taken up (I think I have about 20% of the room left that I started with on my poor comp!) is by pictures. I have TONS of pictures. Of friends, family, funny stuff, & random CRAP (some are literally pictures of crap, don't ask me why). I desperately needed to go through my zillions of files & delete unnecessary photos. As I was doing this (I started, but I definitely have NOT finished), I found some beautiful photos of great spaces that I wanted to share. I don't have any information on these rooms, no idea where I found them, how old they are, nada. If you know anything about them, feel free to comment & I'll add the info here. Take a looksy...

Inspiring rooms.

Inspiring rooms.

Inspiring rooms.

Inspiring rooms.

Those really make me want to redecorate. I have used my budget (or lack thereof) & my belongings mixed with my boyfriends to make the most of our adorable home. He's more into simple elements & colors, while I like splashes of turquoise & purple orchids. Whatever hot pink or lime green objects I have collected over time that don't have a place in our home end up in my craft room. My poor craft room. It's not only full of all my supplies (which I keep adding to...I have a problem), but it's crammed with those said items that I don't have a place for. I recently rearranged some things, hung stuff up on the walls, reorganized, etc...and here are a few shots of what I have come up with. I am not finished, & I don't even think everything matches...but I like each little nook of my room.

My craft room.
My craft room.
My craft room.
My craft room.

I don't think anyone would look at those pictures and say, "Wow. I want my craft room to look JUST LIKE JENNA'S." because I really wouldn't look at it and say that. I'm not finished with it, but it is a great place to create, because I'm surrounded by bright colors & a bunch of little things that I love. Make sure you surround yourself with things you love, wherever you like to create whatever it is you create, whether it be in your studio, kitchen, backyard, bedroom, or even bathroom (hey, I don't judge). And make sure you take care of your surroundings. I didn't take as much care of my laptop as I should have, & I thought it was almost a goner the other day. What a horrible feeling, seriously. Sounds silly to some people, but I have SO MUCH INFORMATION that I can't afford to lose on this thing. I really need to back up my files & delete ALL of the unnecessary information. I mean, you can't keep expanding or your pants won't fit anymore, right? Right. Speaking of that, I have been eating better & it feels pretty swell if you ask me. More on that later.

My boyfriend is singing to our dogs in the other room right now, and it is in somewhat of a howling manner...VERY similar to when Geena Davis & one of the brothers Baldwin were making "scary" noises to freak the poop out of the new family in Beetlejuice. Naw mean? Just wanted to share. "Can you blog more about me, tell the people how awesome I am? And how women should come knock on our door if they want to make love to me?" What a weirdo. MY weirdo. I love him.

Happy Wednesday to you & your weirdo,
Jenna :)