Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Smoothies are delicious.

I have been drinking smoothies EVERY day for dinner lately. I add in a couple dates & it gives the smoothie some magically delicious chewy chunks. Pretty awesome. I just enjoyed a homemade clusterhump of fruit right now, as a matter of fact. I put as many kinds of fruit as I possibly can into that blender and VOILA! Awesome dinner. I tend to get burnt out on something when I eat it all the time, however, and I think even though I love this routine I have going on, I am going to need a treat sometime in the near future. I have been eyeing desserts on The Cupcake Mint's Etsy shop for quite a while. Check these out...
MMM vegan cupcakes!

Those are my top 3 choices of what to order. They are the original vegan bake shop on Etsy, & I think their pictures are the most mouth watering too. I don't have any super sweet craving attacks yet, but I'm sure they'll creep up on me soon enough. Those really do look amazing, don't they?! I just farted with excitement. I really do think I deserve them, though, because tonight I did another good run. 5.74 miles & burned 514 calories! So proud of myself again :) I'm not bragging, I'm just documenting how good I feel right now, so I am more likely to stay motivated!

Another thing that makes me happy, besides cupcakes, is this...
I feel so special.

I was reading Lacey's blog today & I noticed I'm in her links in the sidebar. I felt so special! Yeeee! You should really check out her blog; she's absolutely adorable! She describes herself as "an unmarried, childless housewife", & I can totally relate. Except for the fact that my dogs are my "children", if you can't tell by now. This unmarried, childless housewife needs to go snuggle with her boyfriend, as cheesy as that sounds. I love heem :)

Live Long & Perspirate,

PS-I will have a much more exciting post tomorrow! This post was cut short because it's definitely bed time for this sleepy kid.


Lace said...

Haha! It's true, I luuuuurrrvvve you! Tell your boyfriend to try to keep the jealousy to a minimum. I won't stand for that!

Natalia said...

Nhan, i want,i love you blog.

Natalia said...

Nhan, i want,i love you blog.