Friday, June 19, 2009

No white shoes after labor day!

Every season I think we all get stuck on a certain color trend, & sometimes it fades with the season, but other times it sticks around...Or am I just tired & don't know what's what? WHAT'S GOING ON?! AHHHH! Now that I'm done doing that, I can get down to bidniz. All this color & season talk makes me think of the movie "Serial Mom" when she kills Patty Hearst's character, who, in my opinion, went through enough in life without having her character KILLED. With a PAY PHONE.
Serial Mom.

"712 F*** YOU!" "Ooo-eee, ooo-eee" (imitating bird calls). I love when she sings "Day break" while the cop is chasing her. Ohhhhhh goodness. So many great scenes. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to see Serial Mom. It's great. Kathleen Turner is awesome in it. I love John Waters movies. How creepy is he though? Ultimate creepster for sure.

Ok, back to business for real this time. Pinky swear. I was really loving combinations of yellow & gray in the spring, which is what inspired the color block tote I created a couple of months ago (can you spot it in the collage!), & I'm still really feeling it. I think several years ago Michael Kors had a collection with some pastel yellows which I absolutely loved. I don't know; I don't really pay too much attention to things I can't afford. Here, on the other hand, are some lovely things that we all can afford!

And you were all yellllllllow.

1 "Coal - Print" by amberalexander
2 "5 x 7 - yellow buttons on gray canvas" by UglyScientist
3 "Gray and Yellow Dip Cup" by upintheairsomewhere
4 "Lemon Chiffon Notebook" by RedOtter
5 "s a l e. pastel color block tote with braided strap." by jennamichelle
6 "we drive all day, print" by gretchenmist
7 "un deux trois necklace, enameled" by enamored
8 "Yellow Birds on Gray Tiles" by LuckyBluebirdArt
9 "Egg scarf" by CresusArtisanat

You know what else is lovely? LOVE. That's right, LOVE. And I am IN IT. I am not afraid to talk about it. I used to be one of those people who thought love & all love related things were GROSS. Not for everyone else; for them it was cute. For me, nah. I recall gagging out loud to the concept of a relationship when one boy brought it up. I also once told a boy that I would throw up on him if he brought me flowers to work like he said he had wanted to do. That's rude. R U D E. I'm rude. Well, I was. I started dating Christopher, & we both took each other seriously right away. Sounds cheesy, but I "knew". I really did.

My boyfriend cries when I kiss him.

My boyfriend cries when I kiss him. haha.
I love him so much. I don't care if that's gross to you. You hear me? I DON'T CARE. We've been through a lot, & he is one of my very very best friends & favorite people. We have a million nicknames for each other, we tell each other "I love you" every 5 minutes, & we function happily as the little family unit that we are (with our puppy children). He's my beautiful baby man, & while I was on my little hiatus from blogging, we celebrated our most successful milestone yet...Our one year anniversary :)

He was double coursing at school, going almost 14 hours a day. Our one year falling on May 7, which was a school day, he would get home at almost 9pm so going out to dinner was virtually a no go unless we were counting on McDonald's, which we weren't...I don't think vegans have a lot of choices at McDonald's anyway. I got crafty with some Christmas lights, old drapes, & a makeshift table (not in the pictures), & I came up with this...

Our one year anniversary.Our one year anniversary.

A little outdoor restaurant! I made dinner (not worth mentioning...I tried my hand at some makeshift drunken noodles. Christopher liked them, but he was probably being nice) & dessert (a vegan brownie with non dairy ice cream melting on top mmm), & set up candles. I was convinced the drapes might get set on fire because it was so windy, but everything was ok. And it was pretty. I wish I got some better shots of our silly "romantic" outdoor dining experience. You get the idea though.

What else did I neglect to inform you about in May? Aha...Mother's Day! I made a dish previously that I showed my Mom & she loved, so I decided to make her a similar one, in her favorite colors.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!To my wonderful Mommy :)

I wanted her to actually use it! There are a ton of things she could use it for...
Multi purpose dish.

Instead, she wants to keep it on top of the desk in the kitchen, along with all of our other creations. Oh well, it's her present. If she wants to set it next to a shitty lighthouse I made in 8th grade, that's her thing, man. That's her dream, & I won't destroy it. Man I'm tired. haha.


I have 2 other dishes available in my shop right now! You can find them in the housewares section. The little deer was inspired by one of my puppies, Baxter (the brown one). He curls up like a little baby deer sometimes. I love my little ones. Check them out, all cuddlin n shit.

Cuddlin pups.

Don't you just want to squeeze them? In a totally cute, non violent way? I know, me too. That's all for tonight, ladies & lads.

Peace & fart grease,


Anonymous said...

awwww cute picture of you and your boy, I've wanted a nose stud for so long but can't bring myself to do it! I even went to claires like a lameass and bought a fake little magnetic one to try it and see how I liked the look of it. I'm a wimp though... still don't think I'll ever do it.

also, nice one with the posing of your bowl and giving options of how to use it haha! you should be in the catalog business or something. said...

AWESOME!! LOL cheers on the serial mom reference. lmao i love that movie