Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fasha's Day!

Happy Father's Day Baby!

I mentioned yesterday that my boyfriend went to visit his Dad for Father's Day. Well, the puppies laid on the ground by the front door for a bit waiting for him to come back. How sad/cute is that?! I had to take pictures of them.

Waiting for their Dad to come home.

How adorable is that? Seriously. Well last night was the first night staying all by myself in this house. It was very strange. I love time to myself, but it was a little weird at night. The dogs kept barking at things & since there were a few "break ins" (technically they just walked in to unlocked houses!) in the neighborhood a couple weeks ago, it freaked me out. Not real bad style, just a little. I slept with a baseball bat next to the bed for protection. haha. You know, I figure that if I'm protected in some way then nothing will happen. No baseball bat, & I'm in danger. And Christopher always sleeps on the side of the bed closer to the door, so he would get raped first in the event of a rape attack (NO I do not think rape is a joke whatsoever, I just figure boys sleep by the door for protection & peace of mind!...piece of mind? Which is it? Oh nevermind). I just had to take precautions. Wouldn't it be cool if a burglar came in the house, & I say, "If you want to steal my shit, you have to play me a game of baseball first. If I win, you leave. If you win, take it all, buddy." Then we play & I win. I love saving the day. That sounds like a movie plot. Can baseball be a two person game? Shows what I know about sports. Good thing there WASN'T any form of burglar confrontation mixed with baseball challenges last night, huh? I would've been in trouble. I promise I did not smoke my breakfast. Good Lord I am strange.

Moving on. A few days ago when we took the dogs for a walk, a bigger dog found us & wanted to play. He was so sweet, but he was WAY too big to play with our dogs. They tried to play, but he scared them. Layla ran around & wrapped the leash around my leg. I got a gnarly rope burn near my ankle. It's red & itchy which usually means infection I think, but I keep using hydrogen peroxide on it & Neosporin. The dogs love the taste of Neosporin, by the way. They keep trying to lick it. Gross. Maybe that's why it's red & itchy?! Once Baxter ran around very excited and wrapped around my leg, leaving a deep (deep for a rope burn at least) scrape in my knee pit. You know, the back of your knee. haha. These things are kind of dangerous. Check this out...

Losing a Finger
Heather Todd lost a portion of her left index finger in a Flexi retractable leash accident in 2005. Her yellow Labrador retriever, Penny, was hooked to a friend's retractable leash when the dog became excited. The 90-pound dog bolted after something and Todd said she lost control of the handle, which caused to cord to burn her arm. When she instinctively tried to brush the cord off her arm, Todd said her finger got caught and she was pulled to the ground and dragged for four or five feet.

"I look up and there's a finger tip right in front of me," she said, adding that she was in such shock she at first thought the finger was a child's Halloween-type toy. "I didn't comprehend, 'Oh, Heather, there's your fingertip laying there in the sand.'" Found here.

Gross. Super gross. There's a caption on a picture of a girl who suffered vision loss when the leash hit her in the eye. AHH. That's awful. Poor girl. Here's my little booboo that doesn't nearly compare to vision loss.

Dog leashes are dangerous, fool.

I would like to talk about something good & not lethal now. I wanted to post this last night, but I literally fell asleep while typing. haha. You might have seen Margaux Lange's jewelry featured before a few times, & you know what? I don't care if you've seen it a MILLION times, because it's still worth mentioning. Check this stuff out. She is one incredibly talented little lady. In 6th or 7th grade I used to think that I could sell Barbie heel necklaces. I decked them out in glitter & rhinestones (go figure) and nearly killed my fingers poking holes in them to put jump rings through. I was pretty inventive at the time & I sold a couple of them at school...but Margaux really knows what she's doing. And she makes my Barbie heel necklaces look like dog poop. So we've seen Barbie's accessories repurposed, but the actual doll? Pretty cool. I just imagine handcrafting all of these perfect pieces takes some patience, man.

This stuff is awesome.

Tonight is the second & last night by myself, so maybe I'll add a tennis racket to my bedside collection. Let's see what happens.

Love your friendly neighborhood sports battle enthusiast,
Jenna :)

EDIT::: I should probably write something about my Dad since it IS his day, after all.

My silly Dad, William.

He is a witty, clever, funny funny man, a "Computer Nerd"/Genius, a complex yet simple fellow who can definitely make you giggle if not laugh out loud. There are so many times when I hear myself say something, & it solidifies the fact that he definitely lost a part of his brain & gave it to me when I arrived in this world, because that's what happens when you have kids. Didn't you know that? They take a piece of your brain. Well your sanity, I'm sure. I am definitely his child, & I love that. My brother Steve (SHTIVEN!) & I are so glad to have equal parts of both our Mom's & Dad's personalities. They are great people & I love them. But it's not "Parent's Day"; it's "Father's Day". I LOVE YOU DAD! Thank you for being the odd, silly man you are, because I wouldn't have you any other way! Thank you for the unconventional way you taught us lessons to make us remember not to do the same dumb shit over and over (even though we probably did quite a few times). Thank you for preparing me for parenthood in the future. Thank you for carrying me upstairs when I was "little", even though I was a damn heavy kid. Thank you for getting on your knees to dance with me to "Talking Heads" when I was a toddler. Thank you for capturing our AWESOME funny kid moments on video, because otherwise we just would have to guess how awesome we actually were. Thanks for being my FASHA!

Don't worry Mom; Mother's Day has come & gone but I know how wonderful you are & I know when your Birthday is! One day you will get an entire paragraph dedicated to you & your greatness. I love you!


PS-I ran again today! 5.67 miles this time; 505 calories bizzurned, holmes. SUCK ON THAT.


SweetToothVintage said...

those pups are so precious!

Kearsie said...

Dear Miss Jenna,
I am so pleased you are back in the bloggy world. I am also so pleased that I am like a Mama to you. I shall be here for any of your Mama needs: those embarrassing talks about bras and underwear and tampons and the like, boy troubles and why they sometimes act like jerks, why moms act the way they do, etc. If you want any pocket cash, however, you'll have to talk to your father about that one.

High five and a hug,

Felix and Jayne said...

they're so cute!!!