Friday, March 20, 2009


Ready for spring?"Damask tote bag with vintage wallpaper" by drawflowers

Are YOU ready for spring? Duh, who isn't? I love spring so much, I LIVE in it. Yep. Spring, Texas. Bitch. Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with Christmas & all of the decorations, but once that's over, I'm ready for warm weather ASAP. The way I see it, Christmas is the ONLY good excuse for cold weather. As a matter of fact, I made these spring themed earrings when it was still pretty chilly outside...

Spring flowers earrings.
Spring Flowers Earrings, $10. by ME!

I had previously named them "Spring is early" which now sounds pretty dumb to me, so I changed the name right before this post. haha.

Onto more spring themed pretties for your eyeballs to stare at & your wallets to give up pennies for...

Inspiring spring colors.

a "Handmade Wallpaper GiftBox" by sweetina
b "Pretty Bird Luxe Vintage Gift Tags" by LemonTreeStudio
c "The Collection II - 8x10 inches Fine Art Photograph" by pixieblossoms
d "Fruity, floral plate" by CabbagesandQueens
e "Chelsea Flowers Notecard SET of 6" by Nest Pretty Things
f "Bouquet Light Shade" by nice

More spring colors!

g "LOVE SWEET LOVE Custom Color Papel Picado (Mexican cut-paper banners)" by aymujer
h "Fabric Chicks" by Middleburg
i "Flirty Flower Destash" by RockItSupplies
j "White Summer dress" by rubypearl
k "Fushia Forget Me Not Flowers" by jocankit1
l "Large Spun Cotton Green Mushrooms" by caramelos
m "Mint Forget Me Not Flowers" by caramelos
n "Cutest Norah - In yellow eyelet baby booties" by AureliaandAnnalise
o "Gilded cage necklace" by mylavaliere

I haven't add a dash of silly to my posts in a while. I've found a few things that I love that make me giggle. I am quite the giggler. Quite.

Peeping Thomas.
"I Like Those Pajamas On You"
by tuffindustries

I love when old school clip art is used to become something new, sick, & funny. I don't think they could've picked a better quote for this dude. Perfect sillyness.

Perv cup.
"Pervert Teacup"
by trixiedelicious

AHH! I need this so very badly. It would be so amazing to see the looks I would get while sipping away out of this lovely cup at a local bistro. People would stare and wonder, "What's so perverted about that girl? She seems fairly normal...oh. Oh, dear God. There it is. Look at her shirt...What does that say? Something about charging for a ride on a mustache? Oh, heavens, no...That can't be good." Yes, yes it can.

Flip em the bird.
"The 16 Nicest Ways to Give Someone the Bird"
by NeatThings

I think what's more amazing than this being a clever pun of a card set is the fact that upon handing one of these fine feathered friends to a random stranger, an arch nemesis, an awful second cousin that looks as terrible as they smell, or even your stupid boss, you'd most likely get one of these responses...
"What just happened?"
"I don't like birds."
"Who are you?"
They most likely wouldn't get it. And that is genius.

You're welcome,
Jenna :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I happened to stumble across the "Voter - Spring Equinox" thingy right on over at Etsy, & I really can't ever remember how I even found it. I was ready to vote on the cutest thing I could see on that page when I recognized something...

Etsy Spring Equinox Voter.

PRETTY NEAT RIGHT. I KNOW, I KNOW. I have no idea how it got there; I sure as hell didn't register it. I hadn't even heard of this Spring Equinox jazz before. Oh well. Pretty cool. Of course I voted for myself. Why wouldn't I? There were so many cute things on the page though, but I had to be selfish because after all, EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Please vote for me :) I'll be ever so greatful. Yes, I know it's spelled "grateful", & I don't like it. I am not full of grates; I am full of GREAT. All the time. I poop GREAT.

Here are a few of sites that are really handy; you probably know about them, but if you don't...YOU'RE WELCOME. You are going to think these are the coolest things ever. Craftopolis lets you search your Etsy shop name to see if you are currently featured in any gift guides or treasuries. You can also search your shop name on Craft Cult to find neat information on your recent "hearts", & find out when & if you were featured on the front page. For screen shots of front page treasuries, search your name in the search box at Etsy Front Pagers on Flickr.

I am still obsessed with pretty shades of blue, but why not throw some white in there? It's very light, airy, & spring-y. Look forward to posts on beautiful spring items this week! Who doesn't love flowers, pastels, & bright colors? You don't? Get out. Really. For now, pretty blues, & whites...

Pretty blues & whites.Pretty, airy spring.

a "Set of 3 Light Blue Satin Millinery Roses" by caramelos
b "Catherine Morland - earrings" by ellabelleboutique
c "Aqua and Snow Earrings" by shopsomethingblue
d "Blue Tree Silhouette - lined in silk" by Shakuyaku
e "Turquoise Floral Hanging Easter Egg" by PickalaPoopa
f "Mini Deer Plaque - white" by nice
g "Gorgeous ivory white bird cage with pale pink rose bud and pearl trim necklace" by japonicas

I am also in LOVE with candy apple green. It's a lot like can be loud & obnoxious or soft & pretty. :) Yeah, I said that.
Spring colors.

h "60s Retro Floral Wallpaper MOD" by vintagedame
i "Pink Balloons - A bud Necklace" by budpnq
j "after hours - green dangle earrings" by cheapdatejewelry

Amy is one of the sweetest Etsians I have met so far! Her shop SparkleRocks is full of cute, fun, playful jewelry that is extremely affordable. Go check out her shop & support handmade!

Hope you had a great Humpday ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Great. Now I'm thirsty.

Glitzer has awarded me with the Lemonade Award!

The award is for wonderful blogs demonstrating great attitude and/or gratitude. I love being complemented, but awarded? Sweet ass! :)

Rules for the award:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate 10 blogs that show attitude and/or gratitude.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they have received this award by commenting on a post.
5. Nominate your favorites and link to this blog.

And the nominees are...

1. Little Lovables - She just seems like a sweet little lady & I commend anyone who is a stay at home Mom of 2 boys & manages to run a successful shop.
2. Freckled Nest - I love the look of her blog, & Leigh-Ann loves silly & adorable things! She's also extremely talented!
3. Knotty Baby Wear - This lady really loves kids & you can tell. Babies all over her blog! She is another stay at home Mom with an awesome shop!
4. life of a bird - Estela's shop is just as adorable as she is! She recently moved into a cute house with her boyfriend, who gave her her own craft room just as mine did. Sounds like we have ourselves some keepers.
5. pecannoot - Jess has a great blog full of cute prints & paintings she's discovered, & she happens to be an artist herself!
6. rubypearl - Ok not only is this silly lady incredibly talented (she makes things I can see in my head but can't make come to life!), but she is hilarious. I can't stop reading her blog once I start!
7. shiny little things - She seems like a busy lady! Between 2 shops (here & here), posting tutorials & fun pictures on her blog, writing I envy you!
8. Sounds like tomatoes - Kearsie is a hilarious mommy of 2 silly girls. I could've sworn she had an Etsy shop as well, but I can't find it anywhere! Seriously though, read her blog. You might not be able to stop!
9. Smile Monsters - Jo is the cutest little Mom! She seems sweet & has a love for crafting, music, & her kiddos, among other things. Her shop is full of really cute items, & sometimes she even posts tutorials for similar items on her blog!
10. Lula Boutique - Her blog is just as sweet & cute as her shop! There are always pretty pictures to look at with bright colors & touches of vintage.

Be sure to visit Glitzer's shop!

Glitzer sweet forest bird necklace.
This Sweet Forest Bird Necklace is my favorite item in her shop; it's so dainty & girly.

This was a pretty sweet deal. I ramdonly checked The Etsy Front Pagers Photo Pool on Flickr the other day, & I was on the Front Page again & had no idea! No sales came from it, but I noticed I received a lot of hearts on that day, and that's always a good thing. Here's the screen shot; can you spot me?

I'm on the front page! :)

It's my little baby deer inspired by my little boy puppy! He looks like a baby deer when he curls up in a little ball. It's the cutest thing ever. EVER!

Front page goodnesssss!
"Fawn in the grass painting." $20.

The inspiration...

This picture is hanging above our bed, next to a crappy camera phone photo of Christopher & me that I tried to pretend was fancy...


I know, I know...GROSS! Whatever. I think we're cute. And he hates having his picture taken, so this is the best I have of us together, so far. Now Layla needs her picture above the bed, since we all 4 sleep in it!


Yeah, you can tell I need better pictures of her too. This is the most in focus one I have so far. I love my little family :)

It would be nice if this whole front page thing happened, I don't know, like...every day! No, every hour of every day. Yeah...YEAH! Then again, if that happened, it wouldn't be as exciting anymore. It's such a nice feeling when it happens. Yay for Lemonade Awards, Front Pages, & Pups.

And always remember...
"When life hands you lemons, throw them at people."
-Jenna Finke

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've got the bluuuues Kraft Macaroni n Cheeeeese

I've got the blues.

As you can tell by my title, making this cute little header on my post got that macaroni commercial song stuck in my head. I also have "You got it" by Roy Orbison stuck in my head at the very same time...but I don't have a reason for that; I just love Roy Orbison. That's all. I bet HE had the blues. He had a pretty hard life. Sad times for heem. Getting back on track, I am not really sad. At all. I just love the color blue. I appreciate all the shades. Expect a lot of blue themed posts coming up, because so many pretty pretty things caught my eye that I couldn't narrow them all down to one collage.

Bright blue!

1 "Vintage Aqua Blue Glass Candle Holder Sticks" by vintageandnew
2 "Ocean Depth... Modern Necklace" by dandyapple
3 "Idle Hands Bracelet" by leavesofglass

Those items GLOW. If this is the kind of glow pregnant ladies have, I want to have a million babies. YEAHHH BABIES EVERYWHERE!

Turquoise with touches of red.

4 "Micro - Coral charm necklace" by shopsomethingblue
5 "A Day at the Beach Earrings" by BrokenTeepeeDesigns
6 "Vintage Trim - Light Blue Scallops, 2 Yrds" by EmmaDear
7 "something blue flower with natural pearl center." by TwistedCrystals
8 "memories of childhood" by ori12
9 "Quench Necklace" by ZhivanaDesigns
10 "Blue Rose Dangle Earrings" by tamar
11"Blue Blossoms. Necklace." by TheChartreuseRoom
12 "baby blue moonglow necklace and earrings" by marieflyfly
13 "Aloha. Necklace." by TheChartreuseRoom
14 "Uncharted Waters notecards, set of four" by juniperberry
15 "Holly ring. Vintage glass." by jillian1984

Well that is all for the ol update today; I hope you all FEEEEL GRRREEEEAT! Watch that video, ok. Or you will think I am talking about Frosted Flakes. I have just endorsed 3 food brands in 1 post. Wow. GOODNIGHT! :)


Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have been MIA and I apologize. AGAIN. My boyfriend has actually been home the last 3 weeks (he is usually at school for almost 14 hours a day!!!), and we have been enjoying our time together. Our puppy has been enjoying it also. I have to get a big girl job of some sort, and our poor pup has been spoiled with so much time with his mom, and he hates being alone now. We are probably getting him a friend (another wiener dog) tomorrow morning! FINGERS CROSSED THEY GET ALONG & LOVE EACH OTHER OR IT'S A NO GO! We got a beautiful little baby! I'm so excited to show you my new family...

The journey of Baxter & Layla's friendship.

My baby Baxter Bear!
This is Baxter, aka Poopers, Pupperton, Puppertonino, Pooter, BRD (Brown Red Dapple), when he was a happy little gentleman. He was my only baby.

Baxter is sad.
...but Poopers was sad; he wanted a friend!

My baby girl!
So we took a trip to the animal shelter, and adopted a beautiful 5 month old girl named Palin.

Baxter got drooled on.
Baxter wasn't really havin this. Maybe he hated her name. So we changed it to Bella, and then after I randomly sang an Eric Clapton song out loud, she became LAYLA!

Sniffin stuff.
They began exploring and playing (videos coming soon), & soon Poopers was attached...

Dog fashion.
DOG FASHION. R U D E. Rude. Don't worry; they're both fixed & he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. Air humper.

Sleepin pups.
They play so much that they sleep a LOT. It's pretty cute.

Lazy day.

My babies!

Ahh, I love her already! They really are adorable. I kind of miss Poopers being my only baby, but I will get used to this pretty quickly & so will he.

Besides enjoying the weekdays together, we have been doing fun stuff on the weekends too. Fun stuff used to consist of getting wasted face & blacking out. It now consists of doing "boring" grown up things, like getting library cards, going grocery shopping together, taking our dog for a walk, etc. I actually love doing these things now. I bet a year ago I wouldn't have thought I would be saying something like that now.

A couple of weekends ago, my wonderful boyfriend Christopher, Baxter (the awesome sausage dog), & I went to The Mercer Arboretum & checked out nature. I never used to do things like this, & I am really starting to love Spring, TX the more we explore it. Our neighborhood is absolutely adorable, & there is a little "beach" behind it! I will have to take some pictures of it, but I'm obviously a procrastinator, so who knows when this will happen? So anyway, nature is awesome, & I have some pictures of it...

We love the arboretum.
Cute weekend!

There is also another new thing in our lives, something that I am getting some really weird reactions about...We are newly vegan, as of about February 21 or 22. I'm still getting the hang of this. At first, it was about being healthy (my body doesn't love dairy that much anyway), & finally being on some kind of diet AT THE SAME TIME as my boyfriend! I used to not want to watch videos on the conditions that the animals live & die in, because I loved hot dogs & chicken too much. I realized choosing to be ignorant was pretty selfish. I wouldn't want to lecture anyone though. Choosing to learn about all of this made me cry & cry. I just thought of someone hurting my own dog in that manner. It honestly was enough. Moving along...

Vegan cookies!

Sooo the other weekend I made these cookies (I got the recipe out of some book from Borders that I can't remember the name of!) & they were pretty good, but the dough was AWESOME. We couldn't stop eating it! Plus there aren't any eggs in it, so I can eat it all I want...MOM! She always told me not to eat cookie dough cause I'd get worms...?
Vegan cookies recipe.
Cookie recipe...

There you go! *In case you are saving the picture to print, there are TWO images there.*

Itsy bitsy babe.

I went to San Antonio last weekend to see my friend Athena's baby girl. So so cute & perfect. Her name is Riley Ann & she looks just like a tiny version of her Mommy!
Teeny baby.

She's the intellectual type. Always thinking.

Here are some other happenings as of late...
Bridesmaids necklaces.

I made these necklaces for this girl Andrea's bridesmaids. NINE bridesmaids! I don't think I even have 9 girl friends anymore. Shit. She was really sweet so I made her a custom necklace as a surprise! :)
Bridesmaids necklaces.

Here are 4 bridesmaids necklaces for another bride, Carrie. She was super sweet as well and also got a necklace from me as a gift! I really like the way the packaging came out...
Bridesmaids necklaces.
Bridesmaids necklaces.

Little bird in a jewelry tree.

Here's a housewares project I'm almost completely finished with for my shop. I love these branches.

Little flowers yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ok, so I was on a brief hiatus, yes. I have bribed you with puppies, babies, flowers, & cookies. FORGIVE ME? Yay. Thanks. :)

Happy Tuesday Errrrbody.
Jenna :)