Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hurry up!

My new blogger friend Melisa is having a giveaway at her absolutely adorable blog Humble Happenings! Hurry up & enter (all you have to do is leave a comment!) to win the following loot...

The giveaway ends June 30th! Speaking of giveaways, I am planning on doing one in the near future! Yeeee!

Well I have a bunch of silly things I want to show you, but I am totally not feeling the sillyness right now. I know that's a big bummer but I'm sorry. I'd rather save a silly post for when I am feeling awesome & at a writing peak, you know? I don't want to half ass it & make you question even reading my blog anymore. That would be a bad scenario for everyone. AHH THE CUTEST THING IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! My puppy Layla is asleep next to me & she just put her little paw up on my arm. She loves her Mom :)

I can't leave you with 2 short & sweet posts in a row, because that's just wrong. So, please check out this fabulous felted concoction...

Pee Wee!

A Pee Wee Herman Finger Puppet! How awesome is that?! You can find it in Abbey Christine's Etsy shop. Abbey must've grown up with the greatness that is Pee Wee just as I did. I wonder if her parents taped it for her too? Oh, VHS. Back in the day. The theme song still makes me happy.

That better make you happy too, or we're not friends anymore. Ok, I lied.

Jenna :)


chloejessica said...

Pee Wee Herman made me happy! I loved watching Pee Wee Heramns Playhouse as a kid! I wish it was still on! I have the sweetest beach bag from the 80s of Pee Wee Herman, your jealous, I know! :)

Anonymous said...

aww thank you sooo much for mentioning me! yes, you're my 9th follower- sometimes I feel like I'm in a little corner over there hehe <3 so thanks so much.

oh and all I have to say about pee wee, is BOX SET. even before dvds, vhs series were starting to come out with box sets, and I sure do have the pee wee show box set. also just watched his big adventure on dvd a few nights ago, so funny that you mention it! and now I can't stop saying "can I have some more mista t cereal?!" hahah oh and go here for more tomfoolery and/or shenanigans:

Anonymous said...

oh snap. pretty sure now I want a necklace that reads: shenanigans.

ideas! dang!

Color Splashes said...

Thanks for your kind words! I of course love receiving comments! You have a really cute blog- I especially liked the outdoor restaurant- so magical!!