Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm back. in black. and white. and yellow...

So, yes, I was a little neglectful of my blog. I was a bad mother to my blog child. I promise it was for good reasons! Those "reasons" will be in my shop soon! Promise. For now, beautiful things that have caught my eye recently...

I love puns.
Sometimes I'm so clever, my brain hurts ;)

Yellow, black, gray, & white.

1 "Yellow Graphic Bag" by bvann
2 "Melancholy Lashes" by UntamedMenagerie
3 "Yellow Petals Large Teardrop Earrings on Wood" by creativechickdesigns
4 "gas light earrings" by marieflyfly
5 "I Just Peed A Little Poster" by tuffindustries
6 "The High Hopes Pinafore" by necessityisthemother
7 "DAPHNE - Gray and Yellow Leather Feather Earrings" by CottonCandyCupcake
8 "30 thank you stickers" by monsterpromos
9 "Gold Mini Cube Necklace" by LemonGrove

Black & white.

10 "5ft Solid Brass Heart Link Chain" by goshen
11 "Graphics - Black and White Clutch" by Shakuyaku
12 "Black Purse decorated with Vintage lace" by MajaBackstrom
13 "Of the Sea necklace" by zobba

Black & white is always a classic combination, & yellow really says, "SPRING IS HERE HOLMES!" Well, I'm sure it would say that if it colors could talk. Man, I WISH colors could talk. Turquoise and I would have awesome conversations. I really love turquoise. BFFL. :) Wow, sometimes I say things that only a pothead would say, all the while my lungs are completely clear over here. Promise. Anyway, back on track. I am really loving gold right now too, which is pretty much just a snazzy, shiny, dressed up yellow isn't it? Yep. Sure is.

So something really neat besides the whole front page thing happened...I received a little note from myshoppingconnection from Etsy last week notifying me that my bubbled apple earrings were picked to be one of the indie finds on! I assume they were on the site for an hour or a whole day, and either way it is very flattering! Feature.
Visit; it's a great resource for handmade finds & support of Indie crafters!

Bubbled apple earrings.
Check out my "bubbled apple earrings" here!


Monday, February 16, 2009

How could I forget something so AWESOME?

I have no idea how I could have forgotten to post this! I was going to log onto Etsy on Thursday, Feb 12, when I saw this...

First time on the Front Page of Etsy!

I WAS FEATURED ON THE FRONT PAGE! I was so excited, I thought I might cry. I called my Mom right away. I almost immediately made 4 sales and 1 custom order. It was such a nice self esteem boost for my shop. :)

Now I have proudly added this picture to the listing...

My first time on the Etsy FRONT PAGE! :)
Bright Magenta Owl Necklace. $15. by ME! jennamichelle.

I felt famous for an hour. It was fun. Enough bragging; that's not what I'm here for today!

It's fun wearing statement pieces that are busy, bright, & bold, but sometimes all you need is a simple necklace with a cute charm to add that special something to your outfit. Here are some of my favorites from Etsy.

CAUTION: Naughty swear word ahead. Watch out if you have virgin eyes. You have been warned.


1 "18K Vermeil Swallow Tattoo Charm" by Heistjewelry
2 "GOLD vermeil shamrock 14K Gold filled double chains necklace" by ArtWark
3 "MICROSCOPE sterling silver necklace" by ballandchain
4 "AHOY" by kellylynraspa
5 "F*ck laser cut from black acrylic on necklace chain" by myeviltwin
6 "Brass Scissors Necklace" by Reyney
7 "Heart Cutout Necklace in 14K Gold and Sterling Silver" by michellechangjewelry
8 "The Original Bunny Trio Necklace" by ThriftyBunny
9 "Baby Elephant Charm with necklace-sterling silver" by umbrellaprints

More charms.

10 "chance la france" by lekelly
11 "First Love Locket" by wiyomu
12 "Long Double Leaf Necklace" by shlomitofir
13 "Long tree necklace in silver" by shlomitofir
14 "Dainty Treasures Lucky Charm Necklace" by VintageMusings
15 "Lightly gold chick and egg." by SeaUnicorn

Even more charms!

16 "Double Branch Necklace in Gold Vermeil" by michellechangjewelry
17 "The golden comb. Vintage couture collection." by SeaUnicorn
18 "Puzzle Necklace" by ialuna
19 "Bunny Rabbit laser cut from white acrylic on necklace chain in gift box" by myeviltwin
20 "Cut out Heart Charm made from Sterling Silver on Chain" by opensesame
21 "Baby Octopus" by SimplyChacha

I love piling on some of my Mom's vintage necklaces because they are simple enough to wear a bunch together.

Layering my mom's old necklaces.

While I was laying down in the grass taking that wonderful picture for yall, I noticed the sky looked awesome, so I took the following photo...

Beautiful sky.

Isn't it pretty? It is actually pretty sunny out today even though that picture might fool you into thinking otherwise. It has been pretty yucky here in Spring, TX the past few days; it's been raining on & off & just plain gross outside. I took the opportunity of the nice weather to snap some pictures of some new things I will be listing today and the rest of the week! Here is a preview...

February projects.

Hope everyone has a wonderful PRESIDENT'S DAY! YEEEEEEEEE!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

She's crafty. She gets around.

She's crafty. She gets around. She's crafty. She's always down.
Boy oh boy do I love me some Beastie Boys. I also love my craft room. Here are some shots of it. Some photos show a mess. Every time I create awesomeness, I create a mess. That is why I don't have pictures of the entire room. I forgot to snap shots of my sewing area. Whoops! Anyway, enough rambling...enjoy this space that I love (and spend ALL my time in)...

My favorite shelf :)

Here are some bright, beautiful things on a shelf I painted black; it used to be a pretty pale yellow that I loved, but didn't match with my already eclectic collection of things.

Part of my craft room.

That mirror below the shelf is one of my favorite things. My mom got it at a craft fair in the 60s or 70s and it is made of a chunk of real wood. It is so beautiful; I need a better picture of it. You can also see my vintage Doors poster (mmm Mr. Morrison) and my cluttered old dresser. I painted all of my old furniture turquoise a few years ago and I still love it.

Messy parts of my craft room.

Here is my messy workspace. It used to be a sofa table that was in my parents' living room for YEARS. I revised and repurposed it quite well, I think :)
I adore this key plaque, above my bulletin board. Right now there is only a pretty pretty piece of floral paper on the board, but before I moved it was my inspiration board (it will be again soon if I get around to it). I also adore this old white shelf. The knobs are great for hanging up new jewelry! The little tree from Ikea is handy (I have one in white as well that you can see in the picture above). The shelf is cluttered because I moved things around recently and have not gotten around to finding a place for all of my knick knacks. That cube shelf from Target is also something I am going to need a full picture of; I have my fabric organized by color and it's pretty sweet ass.

Vintage brooches & handmade jewelry.

I believe my Mom made this tapestry thingy (yes, that's it's proper name). I use it to hold brooches for my vintage shop. The necklace below can be found here.

Where I keep my handmade earrings.>

I doodled a random design on this canvas years ago, and though I liked it, I didn't like it enough to hang it up. The other night, I decided to turn it into an earring holder! I think it looks much better this way rather than a piece of art.

Little birdie in a jewelry tree.

This is one of those projects I told you about that I am so excited about!!! :) I love these branches. They are for decoration or to hold jewelry (or both). They will be added to the shop soon, and I am planning different color schemes already. I love new endeavours.

<Color block tote &amp; jewelry.

I LOVE this colorblock purse. I love the soft colors and the braid. It makes me so happy. Yes, a purse makes me happy. haha. I am a girl after all. Here is a new necklace that will be available this week, and a shot of the "planning stage".

Jewelry &amp; color block tote.

Here is the same purse and squares necklace, along with a seahorse with sparkling accents, a chunky clear beaded silver necklace, and a dainty gold chain with white shell beads and a seafoam briolette. So pretty.

Wall art.

Here are some ready to hang miniature paintings I started quite some time ago and decided to finish. I'm glad I've been on a "painting kick", because I really like the way these turned out. The octopus has nails in it so it can "hold" your jewelry for you! I hope you enjoyed my space.

And now, I'd like to talk about someone other than myself...
Beautiful purses &amp; scarf.

Madison Gre creates beautiful handbags, pouches, scarves, & more using gorgeous fabrics. She's smart with her photos as well; the damask wallpaper drew me in. Her purses are my favorite, because they are pretty & girly as well as structured. Check out her shop at Etsy!

Well, that's it for me. It's 1am, so it's technically FRIDAY THE 13TH! Ooh spooky. I wonder if anything spooky actually HAS happened to anyone on Friday the 13th. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
I want some stories!

Goodnight, er morning.
Jenna :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sprinkles, fool.

Cupcakes are awesome. When I get married, I think I just want a million cupcakes in place of a cake. I do understand that cupcakes are made of the same ingredients as a regular sized cake, but they taste SO much better. I'm sure most of you agree with me. I could eat cupcakes all day, every day. I don't think my boyfriend would be very happy if I did that. Then we wouldn't get married and I wouldn't get to have a wedding with a reception revolving around cupcakes. Here are some lovely crafters, artists, & bakers who share my love for cupcakes...


1 "Chocolate Chip Mint Vegan Cupcakes" by thecupcakemint
2 "Cupcakes" by Nottoopink
3 "Cupcake Love I" by AmandaKPhotography
4 "Mint cupcake ring" by puffpastry
6 "turquoise Explosion cupcake candy art print no. 4" by CosentinoFineArt

More cupcakes.

7 "Cupcake Soap - scented Pink Sugar" by CozyMoments
8 "Pink Cupcake 4 oz. Soap In A Jar" by dennisanderson
9 "Red Velvet Cuppie (TM)" by sugardreamsbakery
10 "You Are My Cupcake Dangle Earrings" by CuteAbility
11 "Sweet CupCake Pillow" by ManicMuffinTotes

Even more cupcakes!

13 "Spicy Gingerbread CakeCup (TM)" by cupcakesinjars
14 "Cupcake Charm with Cherry and Sprinkles" by fancyguppy
15 "Sterling Silver Stamped CUPCAKE Pink Brown Pendant" by ERiaDesigns
16 "Cupcake With Sprinkles Pattern" by dollifever
18 "Pink Butter Cream Cupcake Painting Print" by DianaEvans

I can't discuss cupcakes without posting this video. If you've seen it, I know you're going to watch it again anyway. If you haven't, definitely check it out. This dog looks like he wants to KILL. The temptation of cupcakes is making his nostrils flare. I want to know who names their dog "Stains"? Well, I am not one to talk. I call my dog "Poopers" all the time. They better have given Stains a cupcake after they shot this scene, because if not, I feel as though that is some form of child abuse.



Monday, February 9, 2009

Animal crackers in my soup...

AMINALS! Yes, I do know how to spell. Everything's cuter the way a kid would say it. Aminals. Pasketti. Bwekfist (breakfast, duh). Bagina.

Even cuter than the dumb things kids say are cute animals; I want to cuddle them forever. After checking out all this adorable stuff, check out my video down below. Cuteness forever. And always. Times ten. Plus 5. I love my POOPERS!


1 "Birdie Soap" by anniepoo
2 "elephant" by WalkingToJericho
3 "Giraffe Anvil Cotton Tshirt" by rainbowswirlz
4 "12x Plastic Crystal Jeweltone Animals" by theEvolPixiesSupply
5 "cool kangaroo skirt, size 3-4" by koosi

more aminals.

6 "Under the sea, baby seahorse" by cocoachuchu
7 "Jungle Boogie Orange - Signed Giclee Art Print (A3 Paper Size)" by sugarloop
8 "Juicy Jungle Blanket" by whynottsewn
9 "Strawberry the Dachshund Weiner Dog Mini Valentines Day Hearts Wool Felt Applique Plush Doll Pillow" by Cuore
10 "Lime Green and Hot Pink Deer Print in vintage frame" by MagicalPonyFarm
11 "Henrietta the Hedgehog" by skunkboycreatures
12 "bright magenta owl necklace. gold, hot pink, orange." by jennamichelle

even more aminals.

13 "Fox Gocco Print 5x7" by papersparrow
14 "Order B/W Wallpaper - Handmade Wilderness Project" by rubyslounge
15 "womens MEDIUM animal kingdom white on black tunic" by comaandcotton

I dyed my hair myself recently. Now I look like a "BRD" (Brown Red Dapple), as my boyfriend Christopher calls our baby dog Baxter. BAXTER, YOU ARE MY LITTLE GENTLEMAN!
Sorry if we hurt anyone's ears with our high pitched howls :/


He's usually the kisser, not the kissee. He was being coy.

Have a sweet ass evening holmes.
Jenna :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's been days, child.

I've been super busy creating cute presents for my friend's baby shower yesterday, which I didn't even get to end up going to :(
I will post the cute presents later, but for now...A very lovely post. STRIPES Y'ALL. That's right. I love stripes. In fact, I am fixing to produce some pretty awesome striped handbags. I am really excited about them. There are some other projects that I had been working on that I gave you a hint about (neon spray paint), and they are still in the works! I always have a million things I want to make at one time. One thing at a time...Here are some beautiful, striped things I found on Etsy.

Colorful "Swirly Stripes" glass bracelet by steinbem.


1 "Off The Air - Custom Hand Painted Heels" by ndeurshoes
2 "single-ply 32 Flavors handspun yarn- 105 YDS" by rivulettecraft
3 "High-Rise Panties - Three Pack" by twinsyndrome
4 "Knotty Legs- Leg Warmers for baby or toddler " by knottybabywear
5 "RAINBOWS SHOOTING FROM A MYSTICAL CLAM" (I love the name of this underwear!) by ruffeoheartslilsnoty

More stripes!

6 "talia evening bag clutch in wild zebra with hot pink raw silk bow" by loveamarie
7 "The Rainbow Ruffle Scarf - One of a Kind" by rachelsmile
8 "RAINBOW POLAROID - Original Drawing" by CB78
9 "Blue Rose Cupcake - ACEO" by IndyGrrrlProductions

That's all for today. It's Sunday after all. You'd know that if you had your "Fanny Packs for Jesus Calendar".

Jenna :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My eyes are gonna fall off.

Here's what happened...
Seepy Panda.
Out like a Lohan.

1 Stayed up too late on the Etsy forums.
2 Did NOT get enough sleep. Resulted in sleep deprivation, which lead to...
3 Diet Coke. And I never drink soda. I'm not used to caffeine, so I was pretty damn hyper today, which lead to...
4 Crashing. Out like a light Lohan.

I will be back with a wonderful post (or two!) tomorrow; promise :)
Yes, I'm exhausted, but I still respect my position as loyal blog poster enough to make that little series of events happen for you in picture form. Don't you feel special? I did that for YOU! Now shut up so I can get some sleep.

Goodnight all!
"Jenna Toll" ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everybody loves Mushrooms!

Whether they're psychedelic or portabella, everybody loves mushrooms! They're too cute not to love them. I found SO many adorable handmade & vintage mushrooms on Etsy. Really, too many. I couldn't put them all in this post. After checking out the cute finds, watch the video below. This obnoxious song will be stuck in your head for hours.


1 "Mushroom Family" by stubborndog
2 "Kendra Shopper - Mushroom Mania" by oblinaknit
3 "Set of 9 Mini Note or Gift Cards - Mushroom" by JustCrafting
4 "Fungi" by elementclaystudio
5 "Ceramic Mushroom Salt and Pepper Shakers" by shopworthy
6 "Yellow and green flowered mushroom" by littleloveblue
7 "Little Mushrooms, 5x5 fine art print" by NatureMandalas
8 "Blue Vintage Japan Cup" by thebrownsweater
9 "Vintage Deer Antler Slice with Hand Painted Mushroom Scene" by emmasgems

More mushrooms!
Even more mushrooms!

10 "moss terrarium No.28" by madebymavis
11 "Vintage 1970s Giant Yellow Mushroom Wall Decor" by grandmothersattic
12 "Happy Gnome 5 X 7Photo Print" by darcyarts
13 "Bubble Gum Mushroom - Set of 6" by craftsty
14 "Cutest Vintage 60s Light Weight Jean Mushroom Shirt jacket" by ancestorvintage
15 "Terrarium Kathy" by CharlotteCramer
16 "LONG mushroom necklace with colorful beads" by jennamichelle
17 "12 Vintage Spun Cotton Mushrooms" by efinegifts
18 "Vintage Ceramic Mushroom Figurine" by epoca
19 "Very Retro Mushroom and Butterfly Kitchen Canisters with Yellow Lids" by DoNotDestroy
20 "Cute camera bag - Happy mole" by simbiosisbyjulia
21 "Lil' home - woodland creature toadstool house" by playswithclay

So strange. Enjoy...

Badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom snaaaake.
I already told you. Stuck in your head. For hours.

Happy Wednesday Kids :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just a quick update...

I've been taking pictures & editing them all day! And for some reason it took me over an hour and a half just to list FOUR things! Craziness.

Feb promo

Feb promo

Check out my shop! New things are up, and more will be added (hopefully) daily this week!

Jenna :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

A little girly, a little grizzly. A LOT GNARLY.

Well, this will be a well rounded post...

First of all, I love the following pictures. The vintage materials, the red, pink, blue, white, green...So pretty. Soso pretty. The colors and aspects of these photos actually remind me of projects I'm currently working on for jennamichelle, and even comparing them makes me happy.

So Pretty.

This dainty group of vintage supplies can be found here in raindropsonroses on Etsy. The set includes random vintage pieces, beads, an earring missing it's other half, & cute vintage charms. The tiny, girly collection is titled "Grandma's Kitchen". How adorable is that? Grandma's kitchens are always adorable, unless especially when they reek of cigarettes and bourbon.

Pretty tree!

These mini dream catchers by Tamar @ "nest pretty things" are so cute and good for any season really. Use them as cute little accents in your home anywhere...hang them on doorknobs, in your kitchen, on plants, and use them as ornaments on your Christmas tree! They're so dainty & delicate. Don't forget since they ARE dream catchers after all, hang them above your bed! Maybe they can help ward off those night terrors you've been having...:)

Ahh, who doesn't enjoy a nice face blanket every once in a while? My boyfriend recently shaved his sexy beard off because it was getting a little ZZ Topish. It was a sad moment for all, so let's all take a moment of silence and appreciate all that is bearded (& handmade, because beards are indeed home grown)...

Thank you. *tear*


1 "Girly Pink Beard" by imadeyouabeard
2 "Signed HANNAH STOUFFER screen-print (beautiful detail)" by artbureau
3 "Beards Are Sexy Tote Bag" by theboldbanana
4 "umbrella tree on sand medium tshirt" by timberps
5 "HELLO July print" by ashleyg

Face blankets.

6 "All Babes go to Heaven vintage inspired Abe Lincoln necklace" by Schmutzerland
7 "Bee Beard print" by ohmycavalier
8 "Handsome Young Bearded Buck tote bag" by spoiledcaviar
9 "bearded lady print" by missbrigette
10 "The Amazing Beard Hat" by Pritchke

Here are our favorite Beardos, doing some kind of sweet ass, super manly poses.

Tubesteak Boogie.

RANDOM FUN FACT ::: Did you know that Frank Beard was the only member of ZZ Top without a beard? True story.

The more you visit my blog, the more you know.


Jenna :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

No sillies today.

I am so excited about the projects I'm working on for jennamichelle. I have 11 new items ready to be photographed and listed on my handmade Etsy shop, and I am working on new housewares, some of which involve neon spray paint. I love it when I get an idea, and then I strap on my Nikes and RUUUUN with it. I actually don't own any Nikes. I'm done blabbering, because I have some pretty things to show you!

Turquoise &amp; Gold! So Pretty!

1 "Algal Bloom pendant (24kt gold plated)" by nervoussystem
2 "azaleas . ocean blue ." by trystbykerry
3 "A Perfect Match - Matchbox Necklace" by yellowgoat
4 "Labyrinth Treasures - Collarbone Necklace" by greciangoldsmith
5 "Gold Antler Earrings" by brookadelphia
6 "On your neck, the little french purse." by SeaUnicorn

I absolutely love the bright gold up there, & the random pops of turquoise. When you're done checking out those wonderful handmade items, I want you to take a look at WildWomanJewelry.

Wild Woman Jewelry

WildWomanJewelry offers a lot more than sherbet colored jewelry! You can find everything from bold & bright to simple & elegant! The way the jewelry is categorized by theme or occasion makes it easy to find what you're looking for, whether it is for yourself or a gift for someone else.

Hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend :)