Thursday, June 18, 2009

Short & Sweet.

This post will have to be short & sweet because I work a double at my "real job" today. Boo! Here are a couple of shots I took of my backyard back in January when I was playing around with my new camera. I was really impressed with the macro!

Lucky shot!
Pretty flowers.

In that first shot, I didn't even notice that cute, weird bug was there until I started focusing in. Isn't that a lucky shot?! I have no idea what kind of bug it is, but he is pretty cool with his polka dotted coat & everything. I like that photo so much, I have it hanging up in my bathroom!

Now onto more important news. If there are those of you who sit & wait & count down the minutes (seconds maybe) until the treasuries open, there is something you definitely need to see...

Treasure hunt!

I've mentioned Craftopolis before as a great resource for any Etsian. You can find out what treasuries you may be featured in, among other cool things. Welllllll, they've added the "Treasure Hunt" feature. Click on that tab & you see a countdown clock for Treasury & Treasury West. Pretty cool right? I know, I know. You're welcome.

I need to get ready for work now! All day. That's poop. Oh well, it's really not that bad. I just don't like being away from my house, boyfriend, & pups all day.

Stay sweet & sassy laaaadies,
Jenna Michelle


cabin + cub said...

lovely pics! ;)

Lace said...

I love the pics... such a talented little lady!

Dude, I completely agree about Sandra on the cover. And in this case, she totally does look like a man. Oh & my finger is feeling fine now! So, fear not... if the day comes that you sew through your finger... it's not all that bad!(I know I got extremely lucky with where the needle went through though!)