Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm back. in black. and white. and yellow...

So, yes, I was a little neglectful of my blog. I was a bad mother to my blog child. I promise it was for good reasons! Those "reasons" will be in my shop soon! Promise. For now, beautiful things that have caught my eye recently...

I love puns.
Sometimes I'm so clever, my brain hurts ;)

Yellow, black, gray, & white.

1 "Yellow Graphic Bag" by bvann
2 "Melancholy Lashes" by UntamedMenagerie
3 "Yellow Petals Large Teardrop Earrings on Wood" by creativechickdesigns
4 "gas light earrings" by marieflyfly
5 "I Just Peed A Little Poster" by tuffindustries
6 "The High Hopes Pinafore" by necessityisthemother
7 "DAPHNE - Gray and Yellow Leather Feather Earrings" by CottonCandyCupcake
8 "30 thank you stickers" by monsterpromos
9 "Gold Mini Cube Necklace" by LemonGrove

Black & white.

10 "5ft Solid Brass Heart Link Chain" by goshen
11 "Graphics - Black and White Clutch" by Shakuyaku
12 "Black Purse decorated with Vintage lace" by MajaBackstrom
13 "Of the Sea necklace" by zobba

Black & white is always a classic combination, & yellow really says, "SPRING IS HERE HOLMES!" Well, I'm sure it would say that if it colors could talk. Man, I WISH colors could talk. Turquoise and I would have awesome conversations. I really love turquoise. BFFL. :) Wow, sometimes I say things that only a pothead would say, all the while my lungs are completely clear over here. Promise. Anyway, back on track. I am really loving gold right now too, which is pretty much just a snazzy, shiny, dressed up yellow isn't it? Yep. Sure is.

So something really neat besides the whole front page thing happened...I received a little note from myshoppingconnection from Etsy last week notifying me that my bubbled apple earrings were picked to be one of the indie finds on! I assume they were on the site for an hour or a whole day, and either way it is very flattering! Feature.
Visit; it's a great resource for handmade finds & support of Indie crafters!

Bubbled apple earrings.
Check out my "bubbled apple earrings" here!



Alison Kelley said...

You are a clever girl! I love all your photos, they're so fun to look at!

Mixing-Katie said...

Beautiful earrings!

I love the 'arts and craps' subtitle on your blog! My husband makes fun of me for doing my arts and craps :-)