Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's been days, child.

I've been super busy creating cute presents for my friend's baby shower yesterday, which I didn't even get to end up going to :(
I will post the cute presents later, but for now...A very lovely post. STRIPES Y'ALL. That's right. I love stripes. In fact, I am fixing to produce some pretty awesome striped handbags. I am really excited about them. There are some other projects that I had been working on that I gave you a hint about (neon spray paint), and they are still in the works! I always have a million things I want to make at one time. One thing at a time...Here are some beautiful, striped things I found on Etsy.

Colorful "Swirly Stripes" glass bracelet by steinbem.


1 "Off The Air - Custom Hand Painted Heels" by ndeurshoes
2 "single-ply 32 Flavors handspun yarn- 105 YDS" by rivulettecraft
3 "High-Rise Panties - Three Pack" by twinsyndrome
4 "Knotty Legs- Leg Warmers for baby or toddler " by knottybabywear
5 "RAINBOWS SHOOTING FROM A MYSTICAL CLAM" (I love the name of this underwear!) by ruffeoheartslilsnoty

More stripes!

6 "talia evening bag clutch in wild zebra with hot pink raw silk bow" by loveamarie
7 "The Rainbow Ruffle Scarf - One of a Kind" by rachelsmile
8 "RAINBOW POLAROID - Original Drawing" by CB78
9 "Blue Rose Cupcake - ACEO" by IndyGrrrlProductions

That's all for today. It's Sunday after all. You'd know that if you had your "Fanny Packs for Jesus Calendar".

Jenna :)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful post! Thank you for featuring my ACEO : )