Thursday, February 5, 2009

My eyes are gonna fall off.

Here's what happened...
Seepy Panda.
Out like a Lohan.

1 Stayed up too late on the Etsy forums.
2 Did NOT get enough sleep. Resulted in sleep deprivation, which lead to...
3 Diet Coke. And I never drink soda. I'm not used to caffeine, so I was pretty damn hyper today, which lead to...
4 Crashing. Out like a light Lohan.

I will be back with a wonderful post (or two!) tomorrow; promise :)
Yes, I'm exhausted, but I still respect my position as loyal blog poster enough to make that little series of events happen for you in picture form. Don't you feel special? I did that for YOU! Now shut up so I can get some sleep.

Goodnight all!
"Jenna Toll" ;)

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