Thursday, February 12, 2009

She's crafty. She gets around.

She's crafty. She gets around. She's crafty. She's always down.
Boy oh boy do I love me some Beastie Boys. I also love my craft room. Here are some shots of it. Some photos show a mess. Every time I create awesomeness, I create a mess. That is why I don't have pictures of the entire room. I forgot to snap shots of my sewing area. Whoops! Anyway, enough rambling...enjoy this space that I love (and spend ALL my time in)...

My favorite shelf :)

Here are some bright, beautiful things on a shelf I painted black; it used to be a pretty pale yellow that I loved, but didn't match with my already eclectic collection of things.

Part of my craft room.

That mirror below the shelf is one of my favorite things. My mom got it at a craft fair in the 60s or 70s and it is made of a chunk of real wood. It is so beautiful; I need a better picture of it. You can also see my vintage Doors poster (mmm Mr. Morrison) and my cluttered old dresser. I painted all of my old furniture turquoise a few years ago and I still love it.

Messy parts of my craft room.

Here is my messy workspace. It used to be a sofa table that was in my parents' living room for YEARS. I revised and repurposed it quite well, I think :)
I adore this key plaque, above my bulletin board. Right now there is only a pretty pretty piece of floral paper on the board, but before I moved it was my inspiration board (it will be again soon if I get around to it). I also adore this old white shelf. The knobs are great for hanging up new jewelry! The little tree from Ikea is handy (I have one in white as well that you can see in the picture above). The shelf is cluttered because I moved things around recently and have not gotten around to finding a place for all of my knick knacks. That cube shelf from Target is also something I am going to need a full picture of; I have my fabric organized by color and it's pretty sweet ass.

Vintage brooches & handmade jewelry.

I believe my Mom made this tapestry thingy (yes, that's it's proper name). I use it to hold brooches for my vintage shop. The necklace below can be found here.

Where I keep my handmade earrings.>

I doodled a random design on this canvas years ago, and though I liked it, I didn't like it enough to hang it up. The other night, I decided to turn it into an earring holder! I think it looks much better this way rather than a piece of art.

Little birdie in a jewelry tree.

This is one of those projects I told you about that I am so excited about!!! :) I love these branches. They are for decoration or to hold jewelry (or both). They will be added to the shop soon, and I am planning different color schemes already. I love new endeavours.

<Color block tote &amp; jewelry.

I LOVE this colorblock purse. I love the soft colors and the braid. It makes me so happy. Yes, a purse makes me happy. haha. I am a girl after all. Here is a new necklace that will be available this week, and a shot of the "planning stage".

Jewelry &amp; color block tote.

Here is the same purse and squares necklace, along with a seahorse with sparkling accents, a chunky clear beaded silver necklace, and a dainty gold chain with white shell beads and a seafoam briolette. So pretty.

Wall art.

Here are some ready to hang miniature paintings I started quite some time ago and decided to finish. I'm glad I've been on a "painting kick", because I really like the way these turned out. The octopus has nails in it so it can "hold" your jewelry for you! I hope you enjoyed my space.

And now, I'd like to talk about someone other than myself...
Beautiful purses &amp; scarf.

Madison Gre creates beautiful handbags, pouches, scarves, & more using gorgeous fabrics. She's smart with her photos as well; the damask wallpaper drew me in. Her purses are my favorite, because they are pretty & girly as well as structured. Check out her shop at Etsy!

Well, that's it for me. It's 1am, so it's technically FRIDAY THE 13TH! Ooh spooky. I wonder if anything spooky actually HAS happened to anyone on Friday the 13th. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
I want some stories!

Goodnight, er morning.
Jenna :)

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