Friday, January 30, 2009

A whole bunch of silly.

I love silly things. Here are several from my Etsy Favorites collection. Enjoy :)

Fanny Packs for Jesus Calendar.

"FannyPacks For Jesus 2009 Calendar" by goldenmuses
Calm down! This is not SACreligeous...pun intended ;) Seriously though, they take verses from the Bible, pictures of people in fanny packs, and find a relevance for the two to combine in a calendar meant for fashion conscious friends of Jesus that want to manage their year efficiently. The calendar pictures on the Etsy listing are silly and remind me of people strolling a craft fair I once visited. I heard two interesting things at said fair:
1."Oh, fiddlesticks" (said by an elderly voice in my neighboring bathroom stall...refer to the paragraph on the T.P. earrings)
2. "You look like a young Susan Sarandon". Was it a compliment? I wasn't sure. Apparently it was, because the old dude loved her.

He pities the fool.

"Mr. T Chocolate Lollipop - Eat Me Fool" by creativemuffin
He is one bad mother shut-yo-mouth. No, I'm not talkin bout Shaft! I'm referring to all that is awesome, Mr. T himself. I pity the fool that doesn't appreciate this SUCKAAAA! This has to be one of those random awesome ideas that pops into your head in the middle of the night, after you've calmed down from the peak of your seventh night terror (SNAP OUT OF IT!). This is an idea worthy of keeping post-its handy on the nightstand, just in case. As far as the shank on your kidding? Obviously not the brightest idea, seeing how you have night terrors and everything...

Poop candle!

"The Original Flaming Poo" by PamC
I am kicking myself in the face (yeah, I'm pretty talented) for not getting this for my boyfriend's birthday. I would have loved to place a pile of poop on his cake. Yes, we're a couple of "chidults" (adult children, duh) who giggle about poop. More so me in the poop department, and him in the farts. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful candle. Poop smells bad (depending on your food choices I guess; I don't want to jump to conclusions about EVERYONE), candles smell good. Well, they're supposed to smell good. Some smell like nasty old crayons or moth balls. This candle is neither 57 year old Crayola or geriatric scented; it's chocolate! In conclusion, I give the poop candle a thumbs up, or two. Three if I had the option.

Never run out again...

"Toilet Paper in your ears" by LiciaBeads
Everyone's been in this situation:
You are sitting down to make in a public stall, when, OH MY! There's no toilet paper! What to do? Use your hands? Oh, heaven's no. Wear these earrings every day of your life, and you won't have to worry about being stuck in this predicament ever again. Ok in all seriousness, please don't wipe your nethers with seed beads. Especially seed beads so delicately weaved into the most interesting earrings ever. Somebody else has post-its on their nightstand don't they! ;)

Best glass ever!

"Mustache Pint Glass" by BreadandBadger
Porno, Shmorno! Staches are for everyone! Now you can drink in style. Mustaches are both elegant & sexually appealing. Most men can grow them, if they are real men that is, and now women & children can sport a handsome stache too! When you sip from this glass, it will appear as though you have a full grown hair monster cuddling your upper lip! Oh, the gasps and awe of passers by, as they witness a mustache appear and disappear with ease! "IT'S DAVID BLANE!" they'll shout. No, sweet's the magic of meticulously placed glass etching. I just so happened to purchase this glass for my mustache-loving boyfriend, and it's absolutely adorable. I won't let him have a lip blanket of his own, because as much as I'd like to be dating Burt Reynolds himself, I'm not. Let's keep it real, folks. This glass is the next best thing to having a real stache. Kudos to BreadandBadger. Buy it, but if the company you keep thinks you are magical, then you have very "special" friends. If they are this impressed by you, definitely keep them for the daily self esteem boosts.

Onto equally pretty, but not so much silly...

Harper Street.

In my opinion, HarperStreet is quite an underrated Etsian. This shop offers simple yet eye catching jewelry that can be dressed up or down. You should definitely check it out!

Happy Friday!!! Have a great weekend :)



Licia said...

:) thanks fer appreciatin my silly! I have seen that poo, and think the stash glasses are really fun! I never thought of the poo on a cake, that is a great idea!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenna! Thank you so much for your kind words about Harper Street. :)

Kearsie said...

Dude. I MUST get the poo candle. My husband and kids would go crazy.

Also, LOVE the toilet paper earrings.

How do you find such cool stuff?

Yellowgoat said...

thank you for featuring me. :D

jennamichelle said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments! Thanks & You're welcome! :)
Great stuff ladies.

Kearsie- I add things I randomly find & love to my favorites & over time some have a common theme! Or I search for things that fit with the theme. I find awesome things in the forums, on the front page, & just browsing.

Anonymous said...

I can NOT get enough of your blog, yay now I have somethin to do when I'm bored aka read every single one of your posts, hope you don't mind. I'm not a creeper, I just have a lot of time on my hands on thursdays. 1) the mr t paragraph made me laugh outloud, I think I should place post its on my nightstand bc I think of shit like this all the time at 3am, 2)I want those seahorse soulmates in the post below, 3) I want your "classy" necklace only maybe I could customize one in smaller font to say "classy broad" 4) I haven't read the post about glitter yet but all the glittery treats in the colorful collage are making me wayy excited.

okay just thought I'd be real with you here. bye<3