Monday, February 16, 2009

How could I forget something so AWESOME?

I have no idea how I could have forgotten to post this! I was going to log onto Etsy on Thursday, Feb 12, when I saw this...

First time on the Front Page of Etsy!

I WAS FEATURED ON THE FRONT PAGE! I was so excited, I thought I might cry. I called my Mom right away. I almost immediately made 4 sales and 1 custom order. It was such a nice self esteem boost for my shop. :)

Now I have proudly added this picture to the listing...

My first time on the Etsy FRONT PAGE! :)
Bright Magenta Owl Necklace. $15. by ME! jennamichelle.

I felt famous for an hour. It was fun. Enough bragging; that's not what I'm here for today!

It's fun wearing statement pieces that are busy, bright, & bold, but sometimes all you need is a simple necklace with a cute charm to add that special something to your outfit. Here are some of my favorites from Etsy.

CAUTION: Naughty swear word ahead. Watch out if you have virgin eyes. You have been warned.


1 "18K Vermeil Swallow Tattoo Charm" by Heistjewelry
2 "GOLD vermeil shamrock 14K Gold filled double chains necklace" by ArtWark
3 "MICROSCOPE sterling silver necklace" by ballandchain
4 "AHOY" by kellylynraspa
5 "F*ck laser cut from black acrylic on necklace chain" by myeviltwin
6 "Brass Scissors Necklace" by Reyney
7 "Heart Cutout Necklace in 14K Gold and Sterling Silver" by michellechangjewelry
8 "The Original Bunny Trio Necklace" by ThriftyBunny
9 "Baby Elephant Charm with necklace-sterling silver" by umbrellaprints

More charms.

10 "chance la france" by lekelly
11 "First Love Locket" by wiyomu
12 "Long Double Leaf Necklace" by shlomitofir
13 "Long tree necklace in silver" by shlomitofir
14 "Dainty Treasures Lucky Charm Necklace" by VintageMusings
15 "Lightly gold chick and egg." by SeaUnicorn

Even more charms!

16 "Double Branch Necklace in Gold Vermeil" by michellechangjewelry
17 "The golden comb. Vintage couture collection." by SeaUnicorn
18 "Puzzle Necklace" by ialuna
19 "Bunny Rabbit laser cut from white acrylic on necklace chain in gift box" by myeviltwin
20 "Cut out Heart Charm made from Sterling Silver on Chain" by opensesame
21 "Baby Octopus" by SimplyChacha

I love piling on some of my Mom's vintage necklaces because they are simple enough to wear a bunch together.

Layering my mom's old necklaces.

While I was laying down in the grass taking that wonderful picture for yall, I noticed the sky looked awesome, so I took the following photo...

Beautiful sky.

Isn't it pretty? It is actually pretty sunny out today even though that picture might fool you into thinking otherwise. It has been pretty yucky here in Spring, TX the past few days; it's been raining on & off & just plain gross outside. I took the opportunity of the nice weather to snap some pictures of some new things I will be listing today and the rest of the week! Here is a preview...

February projects.

Hope everyone has a wonderful PRESIDENT'S DAY! YEEEEEEEEE!



smilemonsters said...

Congrats on the front page! That is super awesome. I like the puzzle necklace down there. Your photo of the sky is pretty cool. AND I tagged you! Come visit me for the rules.

Jo ;)

Glitzer said...

Congrats on being on the front page!!! I love your shop. It's so colorful and nice!!! Love it!!! Love the items that you have picked too very sweet and nice!

mary jane said...

its so fun to be on the front page!
i love your glittery skin too, makes the necklace look even funner to wear!