Monday, February 2, 2009

A little girly, a little grizzly. A LOT GNARLY.

Well, this will be a well rounded post...

First of all, I love the following pictures. The vintage materials, the red, pink, blue, white, green...So pretty. Soso pretty. The colors and aspects of these photos actually remind me of projects I'm currently working on for jennamichelle, and even comparing them makes me happy.

So Pretty.

This dainty group of vintage supplies can be found here in raindropsonroses on Etsy. The set includes random vintage pieces, beads, an earring missing it's other half, & cute vintage charms. The tiny, girly collection is titled "Grandma's Kitchen". How adorable is that? Grandma's kitchens are always adorable, unless especially when they reek of cigarettes and bourbon.

Pretty tree!

These mini dream catchers by Tamar @ "nest pretty things" are so cute and good for any season really. Use them as cute little accents in your home anywhere...hang them on doorknobs, in your kitchen, on plants, and use them as ornaments on your Christmas tree! They're so dainty & delicate. Don't forget since they ARE dream catchers after all, hang them above your bed! Maybe they can help ward off those night terrors you've been having...:)

Ahh, who doesn't enjoy a nice face blanket every once in a while? My boyfriend recently shaved his sexy beard off because it was getting a little ZZ Topish. It was a sad moment for all, so let's all take a moment of silence and appreciate all that is bearded (& handmade, because beards are indeed home grown)...

Thank you. *tear*


1 "Girly Pink Beard" by imadeyouabeard
2 "Signed HANNAH STOUFFER screen-print (beautiful detail)" by artbureau
3 "Beards Are Sexy Tote Bag" by theboldbanana
4 "umbrella tree on sand medium tshirt" by timberps
5 "HELLO July print" by ashleyg

Face blankets.

6 "All Babes go to Heaven vintage inspired Abe Lincoln necklace" by Schmutzerland
7 "Bee Beard print" by ohmycavalier
8 "Handsome Young Bearded Buck tote bag" by spoiledcaviar
9 "bearded lady print" by missbrigette
10 "The Amazing Beard Hat" by Pritchke

Here are our favorite Beardos, doing some kind of sweet ass, super manly poses.

Tubesteak Boogie.

RANDOM FUN FACT ::: Did you know that Frank Beard was the only member of ZZ Top without a beard? True story.

The more you visit my blog, the more you know.


Jenna :)


Kearsie said...

You know what I like the most about your blog? It's the line "Arts and Crafts, Fool" because it reminds me everytime of Mr. T. And there's just not enough in this world to remind someone of Mr. T.

You're awesome.

Kearsie said...

Aw dang, it's "Arts and Craps". I CAN read, I promise.