Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sleepy pup.

That's Baxter, my little gentleman (yes, I named him that because of "Anchorman"! GREAT movie).

He's quite the adventurous pup. Goes by many different names including but not limited to Pupperton, Poopers, Pooter, Puppertononian, & Baby Dog. He enjoys cuddles, jelly beans, biting my hands, ripping apart stuffed animals, and short walks on the leash.
My first born.

Yes, he's my child. I made him. Birthed him. Gross.

Here are more wieners because it's Wednesday and wieners and Wednesday both start with Ws. What wonderful justification. Wow. Lots of W words. Ahh. I can't stop! Ok I think I'm done. Well, after the collage.

Check out these wieners!

1 "Hot Dog the Weiner Dog Print" by OrangeWillow
2 "The Prick Cushion MATURE I Have Blue Balls" (hey, it's a wiener, just not the cute kind) by abitabite
3 "SALE - Half Yard - Colorful dog Japanese fabric" by karaku
4 "Dachshund Skeledog T-shirt" by skeledog
5 "Wiener Dogs in Pink Baby Maryjane" by GraciousMay
6 "Blue Cone Dog" Pillow (reminds me of when Baxter had to wear a cone after he got fixed. hahaha) by pinkbabymouse

I have made my boyfriend love dachshunds so much that he wants another one. Poopers needs a friend. He needs someone to take little happy poops on the living room floor with, after all! Thank the Lord he doesn't really do that anymore...KNOCK ON WOOD.

Happy Wiener Wednesday!
Jenna :)

PS - New items were added to SavedVintage.
vintage goodness. What's with my silly leg pose?

vintage brooches

PPS - A bunch of items are on sale at jennamichelle.
Cute little owl necklaces!

The cute little owl necklaces are on a temporary sale! They were $11, now $9!


april said...

omg! Baxter is the cutest little puppy! I adore weiner dogs!!!

jennamichelle said...

Thank you! I love him so much. I have a heart for dachshunds. I want a million of them.