Monday, February 9, 2009

Animal crackers in my soup...

AMINALS! Yes, I do know how to spell. Everything's cuter the way a kid would say it. Aminals. Pasketti. Bwekfist (breakfast, duh). Bagina.

Even cuter than the dumb things kids say are cute animals; I want to cuddle them forever. After checking out all this adorable stuff, check out my video down below. Cuteness forever. And always. Times ten. Plus 5. I love my POOPERS!


1 "Birdie Soap" by anniepoo
2 "elephant" by WalkingToJericho
3 "Giraffe Anvil Cotton Tshirt" by rainbowswirlz
4 "12x Plastic Crystal Jeweltone Animals" by theEvolPixiesSupply
5 "cool kangaroo skirt, size 3-4" by koosi

more aminals.

6 "Under the sea, baby seahorse" by cocoachuchu
7 "Jungle Boogie Orange - Signed Giclee Art Print (A3 Paper Size)" by sugarloop
8 "Juicy Jungle Blanket" by whynottsewn
9 "Strawberry the Dachshund Weiner Dog Mini Valentines Day Hearts Wool Felt Applique Plush Doll Pillow" by Cuore
10 "Lime Green and Hot Pink Deer Print in vintage frame" by MagicalPonyFarm
11 "Henrietta the Hedgehog" by skunkboycreatures
12 "bright magenta owl necklace. gold, hot pink, orange." by jennamichelle

even more aminals.

13 "Fox Gocco Print 5x7" by papersparrow
14 "Order B/W Wallpaper - Handmade Wilderness Project" by rubyslounge
15 "womens MEDIUM animal kingdom white on black tunic" by comaandcotton

I dyed my hair myself recently. Now I look like a "BRD" (Brown Red Dapple), as my boyfriend Christopher calls our baby dog Baxter. BAXTER, YOU ARE MY LITTLE GENTLEMAN!
Sorry if we hurt anyone's ears with our high pitched howls :/


He's usually the kisser, not the kissee. He was being coy.

Have a sweet ass evening holmes.
Jenna :)


Rainbow Swirlz said...

Thank you so much for including me in your blog!

jenny holiday said...

Hey Doll!!
Thank you SO SO much for including our print!! So sweet of you!!

And I am loving this crazy eyed pup. hahaha

I'll be visiting you and your fab blog often!!

Corinne said...

A good cupcake can totally make my day, great collection here!
Thanks so much for mentioning my print!

The Queen Of Re said...

It's nice to "meet" you. Thanks for posting in the etsy forum.

I would agree with you. I would take a cupcake over cake any day.

Have a wonderful day

Alison Kelley said...

Hi! I'm just commenting randomly how fun it was to look through your blog! It's all eye candy!