Monday, January 19, 2009

Holy Crap. Check these out.

So I totally forgot about these earrings because I saw them ages ago, but I rediscovered them this morning when I saw staroftheeast on the front page of Etsy. They are probably the second most exciting thing I've seen today! An elderly man with short shorts and a patriotic bandana rolled up and tied around his head taking a happy jog through my neighborhood steals the spot for #1, but alas, no picture...

The best use of shells since...ever.

You can find these AWESOME jellyfish earrings made of REAL sea urchins here in staroftheeast's shop. She has a lot more jewelry made with these urchins. I love when I see something and get inspired by it, but I can't imagine the thought process of putting these together!

Speaking of inspiration...
Beautiful frames!

Here's some decoration inspiration! OliveSomeday takes vintage frames and paints them vibrant colors, and inserts an illustration from an old children's book. This totally fits my style of taking something old and making it new. I probably like all of her blue frames so much because I happened to paint all my OLD furniture turquoise once, and it is all sitting in my craft room as we speak! Chipped, but still pretty. The first frame with the colorful leaves can be found here.

I will be back with more amazing and some perverse finds but I am going to have a VERY busy day of trips to USPS, things to make, and photos to take for jennamichelle and SavedVintage.


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