Monday, January 26, 2009

glitter & rhinestones.

There are big pictures ahead, so enjoy this little read as you patiently wait for them to load :)

As it says up there on the top in the left column, this blog is named (among other reasons such as EVERY BLOG NAME ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH IS TAKEN!!!) for the fact that my wonderful older sister Jessica was well aware of my craftiness and insisted that I would eventually cover the world in glitter & rhinestones! Very appropriate name for my blog, I think.

Thankfully, my creativity matured. I used to do really weird stuff. I remember when I was VERY young, I would pour neon fabric paint into Dixie cups, and drop in fake flowers and seashells. When they would dry, I would cut off the bottom of the cup. What did that leave me with? A strange, obnoxious disc of CRAP that I loved for some reason. I wonder what happened to those crap discs...

I would also literally cover anything with glitter. I loved glitter. I ruined my Fisher Price kitchen dishes because I had some fascination with making fake drinks with water, glitter, glue...basically whatever random things I could get my small hands on. Water evaporates, and wet glitter turns into moldy smelling glitter that has fixed itself to the plastic. Ugly mess. I actually remember my Mom hosing off all the dishes and the little kitchenette thing because she wanted to give it to Goodwill instead of throwing it away. I think I helped, but probably not. I was a brat. But look how I turned out now! :) Didn't improve much, honestly...the kitchenette, not me! I'm AWESOME. My hands are still small by the way; I'm talking size of 8 year old kids' hands small. Yep. Baby hands here (in fact that's one of my lovely boyfriend's nicknames for me). I'm not a circus freak, ok :(

Enough rambling. I have searched Etsy for the finest in glitter & rhinestones, and that's what you will find in the next 2 collages! Enjoy.

I love glitter. Anytime I leave the Christmas section of a store, it looks like I have made out with all of the ornaments. I got glitter in my eye once at Wal-Mart. That's what I get for checking out corporate made Christmas goods. I prefer handmade goods covered in glitter instead, anyway.

oh, you know. sparkles n shit.
glittery goodness

1 "silver glitter diamond necklace" by artallnight
2 "Girls Gotta Have It Resin Ring in Pink" by strungoutandwired
3 "German Glass Glitter - Vintage Violet" by DorisDotz
4 "Sparkling Egg Shell Headband" by mixbaby
5 "Platinum Glitter Hearts" by MemrieMare
6 "Metallic Lime Green Heart Earrings" by XenaraesRoom
7 "Galaxy Gold Glitter" by BLSupplies
8 "Everyday Glamour Earrings - Golden Opal" by excely
9 "Dainty Little Sparkly Three Egg Nest" by allisonbean
10 "Deerest One Gift Set - Notebook and Card" by staceywinters
11 "Mermaid Scales Glitter" (I purchased some of her eyeshadow for my friend for Christmas, we both loved it! The free samples were beautiful too!) by HeavenlyNaturals
12 "Pink Glitter Gem and Bow Necklace" by FatallyFeminine
13 Tasty Glitter Apple necklace" by skeffiboo
14 "White Three Birds on a Wire Ring" by hreebirdsdesigns
15 "Leaf Green Glittered Needle Felted Wool Acorns" by

My Mom bought me a Be-Dazzler once. No one I have come in contact with has been bedazzled by this product. It didn't even work right. Thanks Mom, but next time just buy me rhinestones and super awesome glue! :) Even though I enjoy my jeans SANS a decal of a cat made of sparkly stones, I DO enjoy these pretty handmade things.

Bedazzlers suck, but this stuff doesn't!
Pretty sparkles!

1 "Sparkling Confetti Clay Pendant" by Analiese
2 "Hot Pink Gem Charms" by fancyfeast
3 "sky blue acrylic ring bead pendants" by PenGwynneBeads
4 "Multicolor Set" by timatibo
5 "Victoria's Garden Necklace" by raquelcastillo
6 "Vintage Crystal Clear Swarovski Rhinestone Chain" by thatsmycharm
7 "Cupcake Note Card - Blue" (I bought this card for my Mom! It's adorable) by creativeapples
8 "Jet Swarovski Rhinestone Flatback Crystals" by SupplyBakery
9 "Sparrow and Rhinestone Locket" by luxedeluxe
10 "Aquamarine Charm Necklace" by divinerose
11 "magenta and purple dangling earrings" by jennamichelle
12 "Vintage rhinestone ball button necklace" by WiredVintage
13 "Vintage Lime Flower Enamel Brooch" by SavedVintage
14 "Vintage Blue Rhinestone Charms" by acmebead
15 "Iced Heart Necklace" by FatallyFeminine


PS - my shop got that face lift I talked about in my last post!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

As you see, new things have been added, and old have been revamped!
I'm in the process of adding new things to both of my shops! Check out SavedVintage as well! :) HAPPY MONDAY FOOLS!


Stacey said...

Thank you for including me in such a beautiful collection. I, too, love glitter as you can see from my shop. Your blog is lovely, I put a link to it on my post today. :)

jennamichelle said...

You are very welcome! And thank you so much for the link :)