Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I totally thought today was Wednesday for some reason. It's not, just so you know.

Hey, I totally just found a necklace with your nickname on it!


haha. I love these necklaces by trashydeluxe. Here I am "modeling" some for you...

I exude class.
Classy. I need a helmet.

Someone please buy me the Pervert necklace. PLEASE.
Pervert. Slutbag.

I especially love the "Pervert" one, seeing how I like to deem myself a pun-loving pervert. Not a Peeping Thomas kind of pervert (I like formal names), but more of a "haha you said wiener" kind. So, in conclusion, I'm pretty damn sure I need to own that necklace. I have extreme Paintshop Pro skills, by the way, in case you hadn't noticed but I'm sure you did because it definitely looks as though I'm wearing those necklaces for real. I'm also really good at creating run-on sentences.

prude. pole smoker. gaywad. easy.
Prude. Pole Smoker. Gaywad. Easy.
I think I'm in love.

These are just some examples of what trashydeluxe has to offer. There are other silly ones, & a couple nice ones too. They also do custom necklaces, and you can choose silver instead of gold, a longer or shorter chain, etc. I'm thinking besides pervert, I'd go for a custom "Classy Broad", "Crafty Bitch", or perhaps "Lush" or "Cheap Date" in honor & loving memory of my ol binge drinking days.

not sideburns.

Look at them purty earrins. I adore each of those three pairs. Here's where you can find them...
one "sweet cakes retro vintagey bauble earrings" by jennifermorrisbeads
two "Vintage Baby Shell Earrings" by vintagelizzy
three "Black Branches - Post Earrings" by TheIntuitiveGarden

Well, that's it for me! My eyes sting from staring at the computer screen.

Jenna :)

PS- ADDED MORE TO MY SHOP! Visit jennamichelle to check everything out!


Head Bitch in Charge said...

Ha! These necklaces are great! I think I'd have a hard time choosing one. Well, Pole Smoker is out because um, I don't smoke :)

You're a funny gal!

jennamichelle said...

Pole Smoker doesn't actually have to do with smoking...I don't know if you know that and were being silly. It's hard to read things the right way online! haha.

If you don't know what pole smoker means, I won't let your virgin ears hear it from me! I'd recommend lookin it up on Urban Dictionary or something of the sort :)

jennamichelle said...

Oh, and thank you :)

Nancy said...

I had to look up pole smoker as well! lol Those necklaces are awesome!