Friday, January 16, 2009


...Blogged for the very first time ;)
Ok, not my first time, but this is my first blog of substance. And my first blog of 2009, which I plan to update daily.

A failed attempt at getting organized...

My goal for 2009 is to stay organized. So far, it's working! And this book is helping! I saw a section of Borders I had never seen before (Paperchase) and I just couldn't help myself. The colors of everything were so damn pretty! But I digress...

Hello, my name is Jenna :)
I am behind both jennamichelle & SavedVintage Etsy shops.

I have come here to discuss all things crafty, silly, random, entrepreneurial (if that is not a word, it is NOW), pretty, sophisticatedly tacky, and AWESOME handmade finds! I hope you enjoy reading. If so, please "follow" me! If not, go away...but tell your nice friends to come visit! haha.

Well let's start off...

I hearted these rings MONTHS ago, and I still think they're amazing...although there's only one left now! I understand why!

Cutest ring EVERRRRR!

It can be found here by beadkeepers.

This ring looks so intricate and beautiful; like there could really be REAL tiny tree inside. Maybe there's a tiny leprechan inside that tiny tree...

Now for some silly finds. There are quite a few silly little bitches on Etsy!

I was sad to see that the following item, which may hurt virgin little eyes, was SOLD just yesterday!

Dino peen.

You can find pictures of this gem right here if you're curious to see what it looks like without my approving face and enthusiastic thumbs up! Snew also has a plaque of your bottom parts but I don't really want to put my face on that. At least not until I down an assload of vodka. hahaha. She does make things that are very cute and not vulgar also though!

And last for this post, but certainly not least...


BOOYA, GRANDMA. I think this print by Dan Jackson is absolutely hilarious. He has a bunch of clever prints up in his shop!

Well, I am off to make my adorable boyfriend some lunch and play with my adorable puppy, Baxter!

Baxter my wiener pup!

Jenna :)

PS- Nice to meet you!

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