Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guess I'll be raggin soon...

I am having the BIGGEST craving EVER (no I'm not prego; refer to the post title). I want to resist the urge, and I have been eating so healthy, but this craving is pulling at me. My tummy is turning in need of this craving. And it's all from a product that randomly entered my mind while I was minding my own business, driving home after buying some supplies (that I'm really excited about, by the way). This product is 99 cents and I'm holding myself back from grabbing my keys hauling ass to the nearest convenient store! What's causing me so much anguish?

Doritos, fool.

Some damn COOLER RANCH DORITOS...yes, I'm fully aware they took the "er" away but they will always be Cooler to me. Best chips in all the land.

I was wondering if I could recreate these chips at home and hopefully in a healthier manner. If not healthier, than at least I would be aware of what was IN the chips. And by the time I would have finished trying to create a chip masterpiece, whether or not I succeeded, my urge to down a whole bag would be gone. No, I haven't been toking up; I just love COOLER RANCH DORITOS!

I searched and searched and found ONE recipe! I have almost everything to make these, but something tells me wheat tortillas won't do the trick...

Homemade Doritos. Mmmm.

If you'd like to try to make your own like the ones pictured (mmmmm) go here, OR just visit Nick's blog at in general for a whole bunch of great recipes. I got sidetracked and couldn't stop browsing his site. His most recent entry is for Mashed Potato Pizza which sounds gross at first, but check out the pictures. This stuff looks amazing.

Potato Pizza!

Awwww yeahhhh. That looks so good doesn't it? Go check out his recipes & get inspired to make some wonderful food.

On a completely unrelated but equally interesting note, I love wood grain. A lot. I love wood grain being on something totally unrelated to a tree, like a purse...or even a cookie! Check these pretty little handmade items out.

wood grain pretties.

one "Elfin Clutch" by keykalou
two "Wood You Be Mine Valentine Heart Cookies" (I love Cookies! And puns!) by whippedbakeshop
three "Colorful 70s style wood grain plaque with hook" by jennamichelle
four "Forever Print in Orange" by ameliamae

AHH I'm still so hungry. And now not only do I want Doritos, but also wood grain cookies & mashed potato pizza! I'm going to go eat my salad and cry...using my tears as dressing...Actually I made an awesome salad today. Chicken, seasoned tomatoes & avocados, carrots, shallots, two kinds of lettuce...mmm. Tossed it myself ;)



Nick said...

Hey Jenna,

Thanks for the very cool write-up. I know the exact craving you are speaking of. That's why I made these guys!

The really important part is to get the chips super crunchy.

Hope it goes well!

jennamichelle said...

I gave in and bought some Cool Ranch Doritos the other day :( It was a small bag and I was running errands! I couldn't very well cook while driving. If I could, everyone would have to WATCH OUT.