Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The song "Come Sail Away" is about aliens.

Come sail away, come sail away.
Come sail away with meeeee babe.
Nautical? Radical. Yeah, I really said that.

What did you want me to say? Nautical & Radical don't rhyme, but they DO both end in ICAL, and that's pretty neat. They also correlate pretty well since the simple straight fact is that nautical stuff IS radical. Ok. Couldn't get myself to say "Nautical? Hautical!", especially in a pretty font. I am not a fan of the word "hot" being spelled in ridiculous ways. HOTT, haut, haute, hawt, etc. NOT HOT; Gross. Radical is one of the great words that the 80s gave us. Thank you, 1980s, for something worth celebrating.

Where to find the lovely sea themed goods...
1 "White Anchor V Neck" by HeroineClothing
2 "Bright Blue Octopus Graphic Grocery Tote Bag" by happyfamily
3 "Clipper ship screen printed necktie" by toybreaker
4 "tuesday morning - navigation compass necklace." by ohhellofriend
5 "Sea Monster Necklace" by theinkling
6 "Seahorse Soulmates Shadow Box" by beachchik
7 "Adventures of the Little Submarine - Illustrated Handbound Miniature Book" by Meowstro
8 "Nautical Oversized Canvas Slouch Bag" by 3Jane
9 "Blue Helmet Style Cap with Red and White Sailboats for 3-12 mos" by BabbidgePatch
10 "Capsized Photographic Print" by KyleJacobs
11 "Nautical Organic Cotton Bar Towels" by branchhandmade

As you can see, I have pretty much always had an interest in nautical themed items...
Summer 06.

I was trying to show off the anchor I embroidered on my shirt! My hair line (as well as my facial expressions/posing)is RIDICULOUS! Don't mess with your baby hairs though, won't end well. Trust me.

I plan on dressing my children in sailor outfits. Perhaps all the time if I do feel so inclined! I can see it now...
My future children will be forced to wear sailor outfits daily.

Just so you know...

Yep, EVERYTHING is on SALE, but it's only temporary! Get it, get it giiiirrrrrl. :)


Anonymous said...

Love Nautical. Love this post! You are a doll!

jennamichelle said...

Thank you Kim! :):):)