Tuesday, August 26, 2014


So apparently National Dog Day is a thing. I had no idea. Being the mother of two naturally beautiful wiener pups (one is a dachshund mix of some kind, but whatever), I have decided that this adorable holiday will be celebrated in the most obvious way: FLOODING THIS POST WITH PHOTOS. Wiener photos. So my last post was entitled BALLS. If you are offended by the direction of my post titles, just forget about it & LOOK AT THESE DOGS, YO.

Baxter & Layla.

Baxter was rescued in 2008, at the tender age of one year old. HE CAME FROM THE STREETS. This dog is hard. Not in a red rocket fashion, thankfully. He was super skinny & we nursed him to the plump state he is in today. Baxter enjoys cuddling, his sister, cuddling his sister, squirrels, attention, his mom, & dog bones. He is a resilient pup that overcame paralysis of half of his body due to calcified discs on his spine, & a surgery to remove NINE kidney stones. AND YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE TOUGH. He is a needy, stinky little sweetie pooh, though. I love him.

Layla was rescued from a shelter in 2009. Just a shy little baby at 6 months old, but so sweet & friendly. Layla enjoys cuddling, her brother, cuddling her brother, squirrels, attention, her mom, & dog bones. She is also a resilient pup, having survived a SUPER traumatic collar entanglement with a friend's dog. Seriously, the worst night of our dog-mom lives. Dogs choking, bleeding, fear-pooping & peeing...it was terrible. This may be why Layla is quite jumpy. I'd say she is a good mix of fearless & jumpy, if there is such a thing. She has the softest fur & the stinkiest breath. I love her.

Thank you for learning about my fur babies. Pretty soon (in approximately 5 weeks) you will be enjoying &/or annoyed with pictures of my REAL baby. All over this here place. GET IT, GIRRRRRL.
xoxo, Jenna

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