Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Less is More: NEON

As fun as it was getting carried away with my black, white, & gold baby thangs, I decided it was time to break up those posts with a little bit of color. I'll be back with more cute Etsy finds in the baby department & some Pinterest inspiration. Pinspiration, if you will. For now, Less is More: NEON. Being a frugal lady, I can't condone spending an arm & a leg on even the most beautiful items. I enjoy cheaper alternatives, especially on trendy pieces. Here are some bombs of bright color to dazzle your eyeballs in the form of splurges & steals.

$168 handbag // $26 handbag // $56 bodycon dress // $34 bodycon dress

$595 heels // $100 heels // $136 wallet // $7 wallet

$99 dress shoes // $56 dress shoes // $85 tie // $8 tie

$32 dress socks // $10 dress socks // $42 bow tie // $5 bow tie

THE COLORS! How magical. I don't care if no one is reading this & I appear to be a crazy person talking to myself. I'm used to that feeling. I am enjoying blogging again. If you're out there...leave a comment. LET'S BE FRIENDS & STUFF. ASL?
xoxo, Jenna
PS- PSSST I make neon stuff all the time & it is on the frugal side as well. See?

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