Monday, August 18, 2014

it's all Black, White, & Gold, baby: part two

Oh, hey. Hi! Hello there. I am back with part two of my black, white, & gold installation. Installment. Huh? Yes. This post is strictly about Etsy finds. My passion for promoting Etsy is a combination of my love for shopping & handmade, and my natural instinct to feel the need to be proud of a platform that hosts my current shop & past shops. Only makes sense. Let's get to it.

1: eagles
2: stripes & polka dots
3: deer
4: stripes
5: prints
6: scribbles
7: stripes & polka dots
8: stripes
9: triangles

1: chevron
2: polka dots
3: metallic
4: anchors
5: metallic
6: polka dots
7: bow
8: tutu & stars

one: fancy aztec
2: polka dots & glitter
3: glitter & stripes
4: gold glitter
five: gold & aztec
six: stripes & glitter
7: glitter & polka dots
8: star power

I can't wait to put cute things on my cute kid. I CAN wait, obviously. I'm just excited. 6 weeks, little nugget. Keep growing. Do not Alien Ressurection your way out of my body, fool.
xoxo, Jenna


Edita said...

Lovely collection of baby stuff. Black & white goes well with Gold!

jennamichelle said...

Thank you, Edita! 😃