Sunday, August 17, 2014

it's all Black, White, & Gold, baby: part one

Before I knew the sex of my baby, I had a dream I was having a girl, but I had no preference either way. After I found out my dream was accurate, I was so excited to go shopping for baby girl clothes right away. I went a tad bit overboard with shopping the first week. Everything is extra adorable, pink, floral, etc. I was in love with all the cuteness. I still am, but I quickly settled down from my tiny shopping sprees. I am definitely frugal though, so at least I can give myself credit for that. One trip to Babies R Us, I discovered Carter's Black & White Collection. I was in love again. It's not the most traditional collection of clothes for girls. Black, white, & touches of gold. As much as I would love to dress Adalynn in the entire collection, I am not rich. Or in need of that many more clothes. Check out this big batch of adorable...

The Black & White Collection is available at, duh. Don't forget to check the clearance section for many of these pieces.

These are my favorite little onesies. I also got a cardigan with subtle gold sparkle, & some Koala Baby gold glitter espadrilles. A tiny human baby doll is in my near future, for sure. :) Here are some little baby shoes I found on Etsy that I absolutely ADORE...

1: black & white stripes
2: gold floral
3: gold moccasins
4: white & gold chevron

Similar to going overboard with baby clothes shopping, I also went SUPER overboard with this post. It had to be split up into 3 parts. So...more to come! Look forward to more Etsy finds, & some Pinterest inspiration. I hope you had a great weekend, little lovers.
xoxo, Jenna

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