Monday, August 11, 2014


It has been 5 long years since I have actively written in this blog. Since I've posted at all? No. I had to test for spam comments. Actively written...FIVE YEARS. So keep that in mind if you happen to peruse through my old posts. A lot of things have changed. A new (old) location, relationship, & I have a little baby on the way. 7 weeks until my due date of October 1st. I can't wait to meet my little nugget, Adalynn Mae :) I am also a mommy to two plump pups, Baxter & Layla. Since I have successfully defeated spam (HUZZAH!), have a ton of time on my hands (for now), & an itch to blog once again, I have been brought back here. I hope you enjoy my creative & sometimes twisted mind. Here's a quick bit of photography for your eyeballs.
HEY GIRL, HEY! This photo is years old, but I look super excited to see you.
Love & stuff.
Large & in charge.
My old Etsy shop no longer exists. My new(ish) one is thebeadsmiths.
That is all I feel needs to be said for now. I have some realll purdy visuals for you in my upcoming posts. Thank you for visiting, sweet sassy molassey. XOXO, Jenna :)

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