Friday, August 22, 2014

it's all Black, White, & Gold, baby: part three

It all started with discovering Carter's Black & White Collection, with little touches of gold. I fell in love. So in love, in fact, that what should've been one post turned into three. Part one & Part two. I looked to Pinterest for some Pinspiration...WHAT A PUN. WORDMASTER. MASTER OF WORDS.

giraffe // cloud via babble

tiger // zebra (link does not exist)

polka dots // stripes via the boo & the boy

transitional // triangles

There is something so clean looking about crisp white with black details. There is also something about white that is terrifying...just begging to be stained by baby fluids & messes. Oh, well. I will not let fear run my household or my life, homeslice. I digress. What to do after finding baby room Pinspiration? Go shopping for baby room decor, of course. Wall accessories, blankets, & some plush toys...

one: obligatory tassel garland
2: heart print
3: triangle decals
four: decorative lighting
5: cloud mobile
6: bowl for pacifiers or little bows
seven: wishbone for good luck

1: triangle quilt
2: swiss crosses blanket
three: chevron blanket
4: arrows & crosses blanket
five: glitter hearts blanket
6: crosses & stripes quilt
7: metallic polka dots blanket
8: white arrows crib sheets
nine: geometric blanket

1: soft spikes
2: chevron elephant
3: polka dot ball
4: plush raccoon
5: aztec rattle
6: bunny ears teething toy

That's gotta be all she wrote for today, folks. The rest of my day shall be filled with eating tacos (SIMPLE, AWESOME RECIPE COMING SOON!), washing tiny baby clothes, & watching FLIPPING OUT with Jeff Lewis because every season is on Hulu. BOOYA.

"Jenny's wearing these outfits now, that look like they're painted was ridiculous. I mean, I could see her ovaries in that jumpsuit." - Jeff Lewis. Love this crazy a-hole.

xoxo, Jenna :)

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