Wednesday, August 13, 2014

an Etsy wedding: part two

I am back with the rest of the Etsy wedding inspiration board goodness. I would link to "an Etsy wedding: part one", but it's, uhhh, literally RIGHT below this one. No need for further explanation. Let's get right to the beautiful...

1: a quirky piece of wall decor
2: a sincere love note
3: a touch of dainty decor

1: a gorgeous wall hanging
two: a unique chandelier
three: a dainty touch of nature
4: an organic centerpiece
5: a touch of vintage & nature
six: a stunning bunch of succulents

one: a touch of geometry
2: a beautiful place setting
three: a touch of sparkle
4: a unique cake stand
five: an adorable paper straw
6: a touch of gold

You may be wondering about the abundance of succulents. Well, you shouldn't be, because they are obviously gorgeous. Another reason I love them, because I hear they're hard to kill. Maybe not hard to kill, but not hard to keep alive. I used to be good at killing plants. I would probably be alright now, since I'm nurturing a human in my uterus & everything. Little baby Addie is way more important than a plant, though. I digress. Weddings are cool. This is the look I'd have in mind for mine. I hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside my brain (err, my Etsy favorites). Have a fabulous HUMPDAYEE!

xoxo, Jenna

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