Tuesday, August 12, 2014

an Etsy wedding: part one

When you are pregnant, you become public property. So I am often asked "So, when are y'all getting married?" & when it's from a stranger I obviously want to say "NUNYA BIDNIZ", but that's not in my (usual) nature. On the flip side, I know the first question a newlywed is asked is "So, when are y'all having kids?" and it may drive them nuts as well. I understand the curiosity, but I am in love & have been for years. My relationship is stable, my heart is full, & the little human who will be my new best friend is my top priority over the stress of a wedding. That being said, I definitely intend to marry my boyfriend. It has been discussed in the past & planned for the future. We are content in our present. I, just like most girls, dream of my future wedding. I can't say that I picture it as a whole, but little details stick out in my mind & make me smile. If I could create a rough draft of how my wedding would look, it would be a lot of handmade, on a budget, & a little less traditional. Browsing through my Etsy favorites, I came up with this wedding inspiration board. Enjoy, little lovers.

one: a beautiful rehearsal dress
two: a sparkling necklace
three: a stunning bag
four: a dainty ring

1: a colorful bouquet
2: a unique dress
3: a dainty wedding band
4: a shining nose ring
5: a dainty crown
6: a beautiful ring
7: a pop of color on my neck
8: a stunner for my right hand
9: a pop of color on my feet

1: a sparkling bridesmaids dress
2: an adorable flower girl dress
3: a sweet bowl for the rings
4: a gift for the bridal party

I forgot about the manly things. That's the easy part, anyway. Knowing him, it will be all black. Next inspiration board: wedding decor...I would love to see your posts about your wedding style. Please link in the comments...if anyone is listening (with your eyeballs)!

I have made custom pieces for bridal parties YEARS ago, & I just recently sold some of these rings for a sweet customer's wedding. It's so neat to know you were a tiny part of someone's big day. Aww, feelings & stuff.

xoxo, Jenna

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