Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I happened to stumble across the "Voter - Spring Equinox" thingy right on over at Etsy, & I really can't ever remember how I even found it. I was ready to vote on the cutest thing I could see on that page when I recognized something...

Etsy Spring Equinox Voter.

PRETTY NEAT RIGHT. I KNOW, I KNOW. I have no idea how it got there; I sure as hell didn't register it. I hadn't even heard of this Spring Equinox jazz before. Oh well. Pretty cool. Of course I voted for myself. Why wouldn't I? There were so many cute things on the page though, but I had to be selfish because after all, EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Please vote for me :) I'll be ever so greatful. Yes, I know it's spelled "grateful", & I don't like it. I am not full of grates; I am full of GREAT. All the time. I poop GREAT.

Here are a few of sites that are really handy; you probably know about them, but if you don't...YOU'RE WELCOME. You are going to think these are the coolest things ever. Craftopolis lets you search your Etsy shop name to see if you are currently featured in any gift guides or treasuries. You can also search your shop name on Craft Cult to find neat information on your recent "hearts", & find out when & if you were featured on the front page. For screen shots of front page treasuries, search your name in the search box at Etsy Front Pagers on Flickr.

I am still obsessed with pretty shades of blue, but why not throw some white in there? It's very light, airy, & spring-y. Look forward to posts on beautiful spring items this week! Who doesn't love flowers, pastels, & bright colors? You don't? Get out. Really. For now, pretty blues, & whites...

Pretty blues & whites.Pretty, airy spring.

a "Set of 3 Light Blue Satin Millinery Roses" by caramelos
b "Catherine Morland - earrings" by ellabelleboutique
c "Aqua and Snow Earrings" by shopsomethingblue
d "Blue Tree Silhouette - lined in silk" by Shakuyaku
e "Turquoise Floral Hanging Easter Egg" by PickalaPoopa
f "Mini Deer Plaque - white" by nice
g "Gorgeous ivory white bird cage with pale pink rose bud and pearl trim necklace" by japonicas

I am also in LOVE with candy apple green. It's a lot like me...it can be loud & obnoxious or soft & pretty. :) Yeah, I said that.
Spring colors.

h "60s Retro Floral Wallpaper MOD" by vintagedame
i "Pink Balloons - A bud Necklace" by budpnq
j "after hours - green dangle earrings" by cheapdatejewelry

Amy is one of the sweetest Etsians I have met so far! Her shop SparkleRocks is full of cute, fun, playful jewelry that is extremely affordable. Go check out her shop & support handmade!

Hope you had a great Humpday ;)


chloejessica said...

Sweet! I saw your cute deer painting in the gift quides! :)

Sweetina said...

thanks so much for including my vintage wallpaper box of Spring supplies!
Love all the Spring goodies here and your deer painting!