Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've got the bluuuues Kraft Macaroni n Cheeeeese

I've got the blues.

As you can tell by my title, making this cute little header on my post got that macaroni commercial song stuck in my head. I also have "You got it" by Roy Orbison stuck in my head at the very same time...but I don't have a reason for that; I just love Roy Orbison. That's all. I bet HE had the blues. He had a pretty hard life. Sad times for heem. Getting back on track, I am not really sad. At all. I just love the color blue. I appreciate all the shades. Expect a lot of blue themed posts coming up, because so many pretty pretty things caught my eye that I couldn't narrow them all down to one collage.

Bright blue!

1 "Vintage Aqua Blue Glass Candle Holder Sticks" by vintageandnew
2 "Ocean Depth... Modern Necklace" by dandyapple
3 "Idle Hands Bracelet" by leavesofglass

Those items GLOW. If this is the kind of glow pregnant ladies have, I want to have a million babies. YEAHHH BABIES EVERYWHERE!

Turquoise with touches of red.

4 "Micro - Coral charm necklace" by shopsomethingblue
5 "A Day at the Beach Earrings" by BrokenTeepeeDesigns
6 "Vintage Trim - Light Blue Scallops, 2 Yrds" by EmmaDear
7 "something blue flower with natural pearl center." by TwistedCrystals
8 "memories of childhood" by ori12
9 "Quench Necklace" by ZhivanaDesigns
10 "Blue Rose Dangle Earrings" by tamar
11"Blue Blossoms. Necklace." by TheChartreuseRoom
12 "baby blue moonglow necklace and earrings" by marieflyfly
13 "Aloha. Necklace." by TheChartreuseRoom
14 "Uncharted Waters notecards, set of four" by juniperberry
15 "Holly ring. Vintage glass." by jillian1984

Well that is all for the ol update today; I hope you all FEEEEL GRRREEEEAT! Watch that video, ok. Or you will think I am talking about Frosted Flakes. I have just endorsed 3 food brands in 1 post. Wow. GOODNIGHT! :)



smilemonsters said...

That commercial was crazy but I do feel GRRRREEAT!
Great blue items!


Leaves of Glass said...

aw, thanks, how lovely! :) beautiful, beautiful blues...

Zhivana Designs said...

Thanks, this is so beautifully put together!

rachellovespeace said...

i just re descovered you on Etsy! i am so happy to have found you again. i bought a necklace with a large poppy on a white circle pendant with little yellow bead for my twin sister maybe 2 years ago. i dont know but she loved it and i always want to wear it too. i finally opened my own etsy shop this year and so did my sister :) Just want to say i love your shop it got even awesomer. good to meet you here again. ♥

jess gonacha said...

oooh, that's one of my favorite colors!!! love it.

elle said...

ha ha! my roommate quoted that commercial to me all the time before i saw it and i thought she was crazy.
love it.