Friday, March 20, 2009


Ready for spring?"Damask tote bag with vintage wallpaper" by drawflowers

Are YOU ready for spring? Duh, who isn't? I love spring so much, I LIVE in it. Yep. Spring, Texas. Bitch. Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with Christmas & all of the decorations, but once that's over, I'm ready for warm weather ASAP. The way I see it, Christmas is the ONLY good excuse for cold weather. As a matter of fact, I made these spring themed earrings when it was still pretty chilly outside...

Spring flowers earrings.
Spring Flowers Earrings, $10. by ME!

I had previously named them "Spring is early" which now sounds pretty dumb to me, so I changed the name right before this post. haha.

Onto more spring themed pretties for your eyeballs to stare at & your wallets to give up pennies for...

Inspiring spring colors.

a "Handmade Wallpaper GiftBox" by sweetina
b "Pretty Bird Luxe Vintage Gift Tags" by LemonTreeStudio
c "The Collection II - 8x10 inches Fine Art Photograph" by pixieblossoms
d "Fruity, floral plate" by CabbagesandQueens
e "Chelsea Flowers Notecard SET of 6" by Nest Pretty Things
f "Bouquet Light Shade" by nice

More spring colors!

g "LOVE SWEET LOVE Custom Color Papel Picado (Mexican cut-paper banners)" by aymujer
h "Fabric Chicks" by Middleburg
i "Flirty Flower Destash" by RockItSupplies
j "White Summer dress" by rubypearl
k "Fushia Forget Me Not Flowers" by jocankit1
l "Large Spun Cotton Green Mushrooms" by caramelos
m "Mint Forget Me Not Flowers" by caramelos
n "Cutest Norah - In yellow eyelet baby booties" by AureliaandAnnalise
o "Gilded cage necklace" by mylavaliere

I haven't add a dash of silly to my posts in a while. I've found a few things that I love that make me giggle. I am quite the giggler. Quite.

Peeping Thomas.
"I Like Those Pajamas On You"
by tuffindustries

I love when old school clip art is used to become something new, sick, & funny. I don't think they could've picked a better quote for this dude. Perfect sillyness.

Perv cup.
"Pervert Teacup"
by trixiedelicious

AHH! I need this so very badly. It would be so amazing to see the looks I would get while sipping away out of this lovely cup at a local bistro. People would stare and wonder, "What's so perverted about that girl? She seems fairly normal...oh. Oh, dear God. There it is. Look at her shirt...What does that say? Something about charging for a ride on a mustache? Oh, heavens, no...That can't be good." Yes, yes it can.

Flip em the bird.
"The 16 Nicest Ways to Give Someone the Bird"
by NeatThings

I think what's more amazing than this being a clever pun of a card set is the fact that upon handing one of these fine feathered friends to a random stranger, an arch nemesis, an awful second cousin that looks as terrible as they smell, or even your stupid boss, you'd most likely get one of these responses...
"What just happened?"
"I don't like birds."
"Who are you?"
They most likely wouldn't get it. And that is genius.

You're welcome,
Jenna :)


Neat Things said...

Great stuff here!

nice-etc said...

wow! everything looks awesome together! thanks for including my shade with all that great color! <3

chloejessica said...

You always pick the cutest things! There is alot that I need to go back and find out more about now! Happy spring! :)

Just me.....Shelly said...

can i just eat the entire page?? DELISH!! WOW!

Happy, happy Spring....I AM READY!

yoli said...

sooo cute!! and of course...I'm ready! haha

Kearsie said...

Dear Jenna,
You have not posted anything new in 90 bazillion days. I am worried about you. Please let me know you are still up and breathing. I am a mother, it is my nature to worry.

Biting my nails,