Thursday, March 12, 2009

Great. Now I'm thirsty.

Glitzer has awarded me with the Lemonade Award!

The award is for wonderful blogs demonstrating great attitude and/or gratitude. I love being complemented, but awarded? Sweet ass! :)

Rules for the award:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate 10 blogs that show attitude and/or gratitude.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they have received this award by commenting on a post.
5. Nominate your favorites and link to this blog.

And the nominees are...

1. Little Lovables - She just seems like a sweet little lady & I commend anyone who is a stay at home Mom of 2 boys & manages to run a successful shop.
2. Freckled Nest - I love the look of her blog, & Leigh-Ann loves silly & adorable things! She's also extremely talented!
3. Knotty Baby Wear - This lady really loves kids & you can tell. Babies all over her blog! She is another stay at home Mom with an awesome shop!
4. life of a bird - Estela's shop is just as adorable as she is! She recently moved into a cute house with her boyfriend, who gave her her own craft room just as mine did. Sounds like we have ourselves some keepers.
5. pecannoot - Jess has a great blog full of cute prints & paintings she's discovered, & she happens to be an artist herself!
6. rubypearl - Ok not only is this silly lady incredibly talented (she makes things I can see in my head but can't make come to life!), but she is hilarious. I can't stop reading her blog once I start!
7. shiny little things - She seems like a busy lady! Between 2 shops (here & here), posting tutorials & fun pictures on her blog, writing I envy you!
8. Sounds like tomatoes - Kearsie is a hilarious mommy of 2 silly girls. I could've sworn she had an Etsy shop as well, but I can't find it anywhere! Seriously though, read her blog. You might not be able to stop!
9. Smile Monsters - Jo is the cutest little Mom! She seems sweet & has a love for crafting, music, & her kiddos, among other things. Her shop is full of really cute items, & sometimes she even posts tutorials for similar items on her blog!
10. Lula Boutique - Her blog is just as sweet & cute as her shop! There are always pretty pictures to look at with bright colors & touches of vintage.

Be sure to visit Glitzer's shop!

Glitzer sweet forest bird necklace.
This Sweet Forest Bird Necklace is my favorite item in her shop; it's so dainty & girly.

This was a pretty sweet deal. I ramdonly checked The Etsy Front Pagers Photo Pool on Flickr the other day, & I was on the Front Page again & had no idea! No sales came from it, but I noticed I received a lot of hearts on that day, and that's always a good thing. Here's the screen shot; can you spot me?

I'm on the front page! :)

It's my little baby deer inspired by my little boy puppy! He looks like a baby deer when he curls up in a little ball. It's the cutest thing ever. EVER!

Front page goodnesssss!
"Fawn in the grass painting." $20.

The inspiration...

This picture is hanging above our bed, next to a crappy camera phone photo of Christopher & me that I tried to pretend was fancy...


I know, I know...GROSS! Whatever. I think we're cute. And he hates having his picture taken, so this is the best I have of us together, so far. Now Layla needs her picture above the bed, since we all 4 sleep in it!


Yeah, you can tell I need better pictures of her too. This is the most in focus one I have so far. I love my little family :)

It would be nice if this whole front page thing happened, I don't know, like...every day! No, every hour of every day. Yeah...YEAH! Then again, if that happened, it wouldn't be as exciting anymore. It's such a nice feeling when it happens. Yay for Lemonade Awards, Front Pages, & Pups.

And always remember...
"When life hands you lemons, throw them at people."
-Jenna Finke


Freckled Nest said...

Thanks for nominating me Jenna!!
Your blog is so cute and funky! I bookmarked it :) Have a great Thursday :]

Glitzer said...

Thank you so so so much for doing such a great feature on my store! You truly deserve the award as I think you are extremely talented. I love your blog and your jewelry too! Thank you once again! Much appreciated!

Little Lovables said...

Thanks for the award and it's such a cute graphic too! Sounds like you found some fun new blogs/people for me to check out too!

Estela said...

Thanks for nominating me! Lemonade sounds so yummy right now... mmmm
Congrats on being on the front page! your plaque is ADORABLE!

Kearsie said...

Thank you so much!!!

Also, about my etsy shop. Erm. I keep meaning to actually start a shop, but I keep giving away everything I make. Erm.

chloejessica said...

Ah your blog is to cute!! Thanks for following me! Love the baby deer painting! Chloe (my doxie) always reminds me of a baby deer too! =) Doxies rule!

smilemonsters said...

Thanks for the nomination and your super kind words!!

Jo ;)

::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

Hey!! Thanks so much for the award!!! Your blog is just fabulous! I'll have to check out the other blogs that you gave the award to!:)