Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Completely inappropriate stranger comment.

I apologize in advance for my appearance & behavior. And now, a rant...

JUST SO YOU KNOW! Where did those breastmonsters in my dress come from? My boobs look huge (to me, anyway), while they are in fact, not huge at all. Please ignore those, & don't get excited, or disgusted, whichever of the two you were planning on doing. Don't do it. Please be nice to me :/ ALSO, if you are a creepo like me & you plan on clicking on that video to open it in youtube to see my profile & what other videos I might have...yes I do have about 15 I think, but they're all from 2006 & 2007. So don't judge me, homeskilley. That was a LONG time ago. Ok, moving along now, to happy things...

Etsy Front Page 7/1/09 stylinstuff
Stolen from EtsyFrontPagers on flickr.

I was on the front page again! I was excited, because sales have been super slow, & this gave me a push to keep going. Then yesterday, I made 4 sales! Hell yes! It feels like forever since that's happened, so I was definitely in the best mood last night. Also, I ran a lot, so that helped.

I have been creating my little ass off (so my belly may not be small, but my bottom is almost non existant. Pancake bottom, if you will). I have...I believe 20 new pairs of earrings to add. Some are for my new "Spoil Yourself" collection. That might be the dumbest name ever, but I like it. You'll get it. It'll grow on ya. All these new goodies will be available in my shop soon!

I'm sorry for being absent the past couple of days. And now, I have to get ready to go to WORK WORK go to WORK. Oh, Fergie.

Yall be good now, ya heard. No, I don't really talk like that, you bunch of crazies,
Jenna :/

PS-Yes, that's usually a happy face up there, but that comment today made me a sad little Yenna. I will run more tonight and be a HAPPY YENNA again! Last night's results...5.46 miles, burned 614 calories! YAY! Mon night...4.99 miles, 560 calories! Yes I document this shit! Are you kidding?! It keeps me motivated!


Lace said...

I've never actually had anyone ask about me being pregnant before, but I have felt like I looked pregnant, so I just went with it. I had it in my mind that if someone were to ask when I was due, I would just proudly announce "August, asshole!" It's a pity that nobody asked. HOW RUDE of them, seriously. Haha!

Glad you found a pic of the front page with your sconces! Don't you love the colors in that treasury?!

Also, you know if you just danced around your place like a crazy person for a while you could burn double the calories? Find your inner Beyonce my friend. WORK. IT.

Anonymous said...

so funny. I loved "but I have these sconces... and I'm gonna paint them and they'll be the shit..."

yea I've been asked too... when I was working at nordies and I was wearing an empire waist top and goo goo gaga ing over this baby (I guess mostly so I would make the sale, I'm not much for kids they kind of weird me out). "what are you having?" ummmmm a big huge FUCK YOU. yea, that's what I'm having.

and holy crap woman! you inspire me to run more!! I can do 3.5 miles now. but hopefully more soooon keep up the tracking & posting bc its helping meeee

Lace said...

I keep thinking back to this vlog of yours and the topic. I've now decided that when I am like hugely(obviously) pregnant, and people ask "What are you having?" or "How far along are you?"... I'm going to say, "Ughhh what? I just carry my weight in my center. Had a big lunch!"

I thrive on making people feel awkward.

Seriously, don't worry about rude people! I think you look great! (& I could SO NOT run as much as you do! I have athletic asthma! Haha, I love saying that b/c it sounds SO NERDY, but I really do.)

OceanDreams said...

Congrats on making it on the front page...that is awesome and I love Etsy. I have an Etsy shop too. I can't view your video (I'm at work,) but you have a fantastic blog! Love finding more creative blogs out there... Maegan said...

OMG YOU ARE HILARIOUS! no you don't look pregnant ...and no you shouldn't feel weird about going back ...and when you do just ask her when she's due?! ;) Maegan said...

oh and your tagline kills me. arts n craps, fool?!?!?! hilarity

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

OMG, that girl had to be on something, you are totally skinny! And if I had your skin, I would never wear makeup! Love your blog title!

Lee Beth said...

Hello. Just came across your blog.I think its really different and unique. I like it a lot. Feel free to come check out mine if you like.

Katie H said...

ran across your blog through a link from a picture on flicker, and just had to comment about this post, because this recently happened to me.


what's worse than someone asking when you're due?

them asking if you're having twins.

people are so rude.

i don't think you look the least bit pregnant btw, I think you look cute, makeup or no makeup.